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“Rose” iron plate western food

Nutrient meals do not fit more than 60 % of students who prefer fourteen details of Western food to play elegant Western restaurants (pictured) Housewives Children Western Restaurant Drink afternoon tea (Photos) “Rose” iron (iron food) board Western food busy work, Huge pressure (stress food), the metropolis has developed to this day, men and women under the fast -paced rotation have no time to take care of what they eat in their mouths, how to eat, where to eat, life is ignorant in a mouthful of food and life is ignorant.Di Xuan swallowed jujube flowing in random and mediocre.

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“La Vie En Rose”, a classic French chanton, evokes people’s longing and pursuit of regaining a better life, and the Yugufang 876 is a happy soil that can taste food in rose -like life.Dreaming back to the “Tang Dynasty” always pays attention to the concept of catering, especially in the name of the restaurant.The charm of the word “Saitama” went through the clouds of thousands of years, falling in the drunk dream of Shi Xian Li Bai, and let him write down the “Bells and Drums Sweet Jade in the Wine” when he woke up., I hope to get drunk and wake up. “

玉 is eating and drinking, and jade is like jade.For the pursuit of exquisite life, ancient and modern Datong.Passing through the two ancient houses on the Julu Road, stepping on the small bridge flowing through the garden, the beautiful mood of poetic and artistic came without the beautiful mood.The twists and turns of wooden roads are raised on the soothing flowing pool, leading to the old house with old Shanghai style.Here are both the beauty of the curved path and the beauty of the water in the middle of the water.Entering the room, it is like entering a art gallery. Western classic paintings are embellished on the wall, and the owner’s ingenuity of the interior decoration appears in small details everywhere.Places -is the Tang Dynasty’s courtyard in the dream, or the hustle and bustle of the Renaissance in the past?

In the disturbing city center, it is really amazing that such an elegant and quiet courtyard is set up with elegant and exquisite courtyards.The natural fresh food and seasoning of Niuxi Cold Team is the foundation of iron plate cooking. As small as oil (oil food) sauce, as large as beef seafood, they are allocated by experienced cooks.Olive oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, various sauces are also carefully made by cooking artists with natural ingredients.

Exquisite food originated from high -grade raw materials. Various levels of beef are very expensive. They are sold according to grams; seafood is even more sophisticated, and the two points of raw and freshness are not waiting.The whole process from life to cooked is completed in front of the diners, which guarantees the quality of food.The special package here is also specially equipped with wines in France, Italy and Australia. Whether it is champagne before dinner, red and white wines for meals, and even sweet wine after meals, the quality and taste are absolutely superior.

When “iron plate cooking” encountered “big meals in various countries”, it was given new ideas.The diners who truly understand the iron plate cooking must not hesitate to describe it with “noble” and “exquisite” words.This kind of food that originated from the French piercing board, which was later introduced by the Japanese royal family and formed a final method. It has always been a diet that nobles can enjoy. Today, it has been considered the highest state of Japanese cuisine, not what ordinary people can bearConsumption

EssenceThe chef of the Saitama house combines Japanese iron plate cooking techniques into the elements of Western cuisine and improves it into iron plate western food. It still retains the quality and connotation of its “noble”.The details of the dishes can see the owner’s mind best.The first before the dish made people’s eyes shine. The special sashimi platter brings together tuna, Russian black cavia sauce, and sea urchin.

The impressive is also fried foie gras. Gourmers said that the cooking of foie gras is the most tested chef skills. The fried foie gras of Japanese chef 876 Japanese chefs is very in place.The outer layer is slightly crispy, the inside is slightly red and rich, and the cooking of the iron plate effectively maintains the aroma and fat of the foie gras. It is matched with the secret seaweed sauce.

In addition, don’t miss the special dishes here -and Niuxi Cold Teamburn.Before the beef, take a sip of French red wine, and quietly feel the powerful power of this dried grape (grape food) wine to take away all the saliva of the tongue.With the aroma above the iron plate, the hot and steaming and the cattle are presented in front of you.Fresh, tender, and fragrant can accurately summarize the deliciousness of Saitama House and Cow.Coupled with special fragrant grilled garlic slices, green asparagus, and slightly burnt potato, layer the layer of the fat tender and juicy peace cattle, forming different levels of fresh

(Intern editor: Zhang Man)

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