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Rumor: Long -term antihypertensive drugs hurt liver and kidney?Doctor: The risk of not taking medicine is greater!

Many elderly people have high blood pressure, but they are unwilling to insist on taking antihypertensive drugs. They feel that long -term antihypertensive drugs will have many side effects.However, if this is for this reason, it is much greater than that of the side effects, which is much greater than that of antihypertensive drugs than it.

1. What will happen to take antihypertensive drugs every day?

Anti -suppression drugs are a drug that regulates blood pressure. For most patients with hypertension, antihypertensive drugs are necessities of life, like rice.

Steady blood pressure is an important method of maintaining health. Therefore, do not stop the drug. Once the blood pressure is unstable, a series of complications such as coronary heart disease, hypertension heart disease, chronic renal failure, etc. will be unimaginable.

Rumor: Long -term antihypertensive drugs hurt liver and kidney?Doctor: The risk of not taking medicine is greater!

However, many people will feel that long -term use of antihypertensive drugs will cause a great burden on liver and kidney, so they will refuse to take it.Hypertension itself has a certain harm to liver and kidney, which can easily cause dysfunction and increase the probability of hypertension and nephropathy.

The antihypertensive drug has controlled the impact on the internal organs to a certain extent, and it is generally not a big problem to take it according to the doctor’s order.Of course, if you have some hidden diseases, the side effects of antihypertensive drugs will naturally rise, but this probability is very small.

The antihypertensive drugs are divided into long and short-acting. The effect of long-acting antihypertensive drugs can be maintained at 48-72 hours.Patients can effectively control blood pressure problems and have a good prevention effect on cerebral hemorrhage.

Generally, people who take long -term antihypertensive drugs will increase significantly after 72 hours. At this time, it is not advisable to use long -acting antihypertensive drugs to reduce blood pressure.

The timeliness of short -acting antihypertensive drugs is a bit shorter. You need to take it according to the doctor’s order. Once you miss the service, you need to use it carefully.If you miss the medicine during the day, don’t worry, you can take time in time to achieve blood pressure stability.

If this meal is not taken at night, you do n’t need to take up, just take it the next morning.Because the empty stomach is longer at night, the blood glucose concentration in the blood is low, the blood pressure is relatively stable, and there will be no big problems without medication.

Rumor: Long -term antihypertensive drugs hurt liver and kidney?Doctor: The risk of not taking medicine is greater!

2. Take antihypertensive drugs, pay attention to these 3 points

Anti -blood pressure is a good regulatory effect on blood pressure, so it has a good regulating effect on blood.Be sure to pay attention to the following 3 points when taking antihypertensive drugs.

1. Low -service is not terrible, and it is terrible if you don’t make up immediately

Many people are easy to get used to when taking antihypertensive drugs, so that they are missed.Demonstration is the problem of many patients taking drugs in the early stage, especially taking short -acting antihypertensive drugs. The number of times a day is more. Once the leakage is missed, the blood pressure will rise.

Remember to make up immediately, there will be no big problems, otherwise it is prone to cerebral hemorrhage.

2. Do not take antihypertensive drugs to avoid different efficacy

Generally, after medical treatment, doctors will choose antihypertensive drugs based on the actual situation of the patient. Because the antihypertensive drugs are long -term and short -acting, there is also a difference in time for seeing the effect.There is no improvement after taking antihypertensive drugs. Do not change the medicine privately.

After taking antihypertensive drugs for 1-2 weeks, if there is no antihypertensive effect, you can try to take another week or go directly to the hospital for consultation.

3. Take medicine on time to help relieve cardiac sperm

The most obvious symptoms of blood pressure are dizziness and headache. After taking the medicine to stabilize the blood pressure, these symptoms will be eliminated one by one, because stable blood pressure is the most effective way to treat hypertension.

Rumor: Long -term antihypertensive drugs hurt liver and kidney?Doctor: The risk of not taking medicine is greater!

Frequent leakage, suspension of medicine, and changing drugs will cause large blood pressure fluctuations. The probability of suffering from cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and sudden brain death will increase. For those who have related diseases, it is undoubtedly an aggravating condition.

When taking medicine, you can follow your own blood pressure, measure the blood pressure value of the early peak, and then take antihypertensive drugs according to the doctor’s advice.

Anti -suppressive drugs are generally the best before breakfast. This is because the morning is the first peak of blood pressure. During this time, you must take the medicine in time to avoid increasing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Third, hold your mouth, stay away from you with high blood pressure

There is a saying in the workshop. When taking pressure -lowering medicines, you must avoid grapefruit and oranges. This is because they contain amufuscorus. The biggest feature of this ingredient is to promote drug metabolism.

Because the beanca beancan is essentially enzyme, reducing the metabolism of drugs, while increasing the drug concentration in the blood, and then increasing the toxic and side effects of the drug, it is still necessary to avoid the mouth.

For patients with hypertension, reducing blood consistency is an effective way to relieve blood pressure. Choosing cold foods in normal life can help relieve the disease, such as watermelon, celery, bitter gourd and other foods.

Rumor: Long -term antihypertensive drugs hurt liver and kidney?Doctor: The risk of not taking medicine is greater!

Hypertension is not as terrible as it is legendary, and it is also very easy to control, but it is that many people will ignore other diseases brought by hypertension, so that hypertension becomes high -risk diseases.

Daily health care uses more snacks, such as eating more vegetables that reduce the consistency of blood pressure. After eating, add some aerobic exercise to regulate the blood. Doing these can stay away from the disease.

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