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Rumor: Red wine and vinegar cannot soften blood vessels!The most reliable method is these 6 tricks

In a medical examination, Grandpa Wang found up atherosclerosis and hypertension. Since then, he has begun to inquire about the treatment of the healing prescriptions, and collects “wonderful tricks” for drinking vinegar, drinking red wine, and eating onion.

He also heard that calcification is the cause of arteriosclerosis plaques, and the calcium in the blood vessels can be dissolved by acetic acid and the blood vessels soften. Later, after the doctor’s explanation, Uncle Wang found that the statement that the calcium in the blood of the acetic acid could not be resolved was not scientific.

1. What is “softening blood vessels”?

Softening blood vessels to change the name is to delay atherosclerosis. People often call atherosclerosis as blood vessels. So why is our blood vessels blocked?

In fact, it is related to the “porridge -like sclerosis” process. The inner wall of the human artery is smooth and elastic at birth. As we continue to use our body, blood vessels start to deposit cholesterol and lipids. Continuously become thick and calcified.

High cholesterol is the main cause of atherosclerosis. If atherosclerosis occurs, it will definitely break the dynamic balance of blood anticoagulation and coagulation mechanism and make the vascular cavity narrow.

Once the blood vessels in the heart occur, the myocardial infarction will cause myocardial infarction, and the blood vessels in the brain will cause cerebral infarction. It is particularly worth noting that arteriosclerosis is inevitable, but it can be controlled.

Usually make a reasonable and balanced diet, try to eat less fat foods such as fat, animal organs, take more coarse grains, and exercise appropriately.

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2. Can fungus, onions, red wine, and vinegar soften blood vessels?

In daily life, we often hear many recipes for treating cardiovascular diseases, but in fact these “tricks” have no scientific basis. Can red wine soften blood vessels? According to a briefing released by the World Heart Alliance, drinking is an important factor that causes a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

The World Heart Alliance believes that even if the amount of alcohol intake in the human body is small, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, hypertension heart disease, stroke, and some shows that red wine is good for heart health. means.

Is vinegar softened vascular? Liu Jianlong, chief physician of the vascular surgery of Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital, said that although calcium and fat compose hardened arterial plaques, vinegar can indeed dissolve the soaked calcium, but the human body has many regulating mechanisms of blood pH, so it is difficult to change the acidity of blood through vinegar to change vinegar. Essence

Do deep -sea fish oil soften blood vessels? Deep sea fish oil has more polyunsaturated fatty acids than freshwater fish, and polyunsaturated fatty acids can indeed reduce blood lipids, but it does not directly keep blood vessels elastic.

Is onion and fungus softening blood vessels? Many elderly people believe that foods such as onions and fungus have the effects of softening blood vessels. Although onions and fungus are all healthy plant foods, there is no scientific reason for these two foods that can soften blood vessels.

Third, these symptoms appear, beware of the cardiovascular hardened

When dizziness, tinnitus, and black in front of the eyes appear, aimal pulse pulse hardened on the brain or neck should be alert. After the activity exercise, chest pain and chest tightness are uncomfortable. It can be relieved after rest. Pay attention to the positive coronary atherosclerosis in the heart of the heart.

After walking for a while, the legs are sinking and painful. After the rest, it can be relieved, but when you walk again, you will feel pain. Pay attention to the legs of the legs.

When the above symptoms occur, men, with smoking habits, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, diabetic people, and family history of early coronary heart disease families must conduct targeted medical examinations.


Fourth, do 6 o’clock to make blood vessels grow slower

Everyone should learn to manage “bad cholesterol” and do the following 6 points to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases more effectively.

The risk factors of the first control of weight and abnormal blood lipid metabolism are obesity, and control the BMI in the range of 20.0-23.9 to help control blood lipids.

The second reasonable use of drugs and clinical treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease can be used reasonably according to its danger. Professor Huo Yong said that a variety of drugs have better effects on the synthesis and absorption of cholesterol, and promoting metabolism, such as Hisbonic drugs, Yizhuimatu, and PCSK9 inhibitors.

The third regular detection of blood lipids. Men and men with more than 40 years of age need to test blood lipids regularly every year. Patients and other high-risk groups of patients with atherosclerosis need to detect blood lipids every 3 to 6 months, while 20-40 years old People should detect blood lipids at least every five years.

The fourth quit smoking and alcohol should effectively avoid second -hand smoke in daily life, completely quit smoking, and restrict drinking.

Fifth, medium -intensity exercise should be maintained for 5 to 7 days a week, and each exercise time is more than thirty minutes. You can choose to move, swim, cycling and other exercise methods.

Sixth reduction of saturated fat, eating more grain and vegetables, etc. The key to reducing “bad cholesterol” is a healthy diet. , Carsh grains, fish and other foods.

Vascular health is closely related to our health. Once the blood vessels are abnormal, they should seek medical treatment in time. Usually avoid softening vascular misunderstanding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.references:

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