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Sanfu Tian reproductive infection bright “red light”

Reproductive infection disease

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After entering Sanfu Tian, ​​high temperatures above 30 ° C, and hot and humid weather such as heavy rain, which led to the incidence of urogenital infections, the incidence of urogenital infection was greatly increased. According to the clinical data statistics of the Institute of Rehabilitation Reproductive Medicine, the average daily diagnosis of urogenital infections has increased by nearly 30%.

One of the three adult men around the world has encountered male urogenital infection diseases. Clinical commonly includes urethritis, foreskin balanitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, testosterol, genital herpes, etc. Essence If urogenital infection disease cannot be treated in time and correctly, it will often occur repeatedly, which seriously affects the quality of men’s health and the quality of life of couples. It often causes suspicion of husband and wife.

Reproductive infection is a big thing for men

At present, the number of urogenital infections in my country is increasingly rising, which has become a major event for experts in the global medical community. According to clinical data, about 56%of men over 35 years old are plagued by repeated seizures of urogenital infections. It is extremely harmful. If it is not treated in time and effective treatment, it is easy to recur, delay, and heal the reproduction of men. Health causes great damage, and even endangers the relationship between husband and wife and family stability.

Experts introduced that urology infection is a very troublesome disease, especially its repeated infection, which causes many men to have headaches. This disease is often manifested as symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, inexhaustible urinary, urethral swelling, increased proliferation and secretions. In the end, the dishonesty of male infertility, prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis and other complications and related tissue changes in related tissues can also cause cross -infection of both husbands and wives.

Sanfu Tian is the peak period of onset

In summer, high temperature and humidity, bacteria are prone to breeding; coupled with the accelerated consumption of nutrients in the body in summer, human resistance decreases, and the germs are chaotic. According to statistics, in the group of patients with urological infections, the diseased diseases caused by high temperatures occupy a large proportion. Obvious symptoms include frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, itching, and testes of the abdominal.

Experts remind that pathogenic microorganisms that cause reproductive infection diseases are smaller than bacteria, the drugs are more difficult to deal with, and the period is long. The symptoms are not obvious. It is relatively late when discovery, and the disease is prone to repeated diseases. So be vigilant. If infection, you must actively seek treatment.


Recent case analysis shows that the chances of infection of urogenital infections such as white -collar workers, long -term driving people, and IT practitioners are relatively high. The big feature of the patient group is that they have been sitting indoors or in the car for a long time, and they are under great pressure to learn or work.


Balanitis is one of the commonly encountered reproductive infections for male friends. If it is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it may cause a series of complications such as urinary infection and sexual dysfunction. , Be sure to go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Balanitis is a common reproductive infection disease in men. The main treatment methods are as follows:

◎ Keep local cleanliness and avoid stimulation. If it is not a fungal patient, the cortical hormone cream can be used when there is dry and dediviring. The ulcer surface should be changed daily and treated with physical therapy.

◎ The infection is obviously fever and has lymph nodes, which can be treated with antibiotics.

◎ Those with clear causes should be specially treated for the cause. If you are infected with Candida, you can take antibacterial drugs and external coating.

◎ After the foreskin is controlled by acute inflammation, the foreskin is cut.


Clinically, urethritis is one of the common diseases of human urinary systems. It is often caused by urethral opening or obstruction in the urethra, or the inflammation of adjacent organs spreads to the urethra. Sometimes urethritis can be caused by mechanical or chemical stimulation. In addition to some surface clinical symptoms, the patient’s long -term cure will also bring serious adverse consequences to the urinary system, reproductive system and the entire body function of the patient.

Acute urethritis is often used in antibiotics and chemicals, which has a better curative effect. Pay attention to rest in whole body treatment, supplement enough liquid. During acute periods, sexual life should be avoided, otherwise the course of the disease will be extended. During the chronic period, if there is stenosis at the outer periphery of the urethra or urethra, urethral dilatation or urethral peripheral splitting should be used. For patients with long -term recurrent attacks and chronic hypotonitis who are not obvious in the whole body, patients with urethritis can consider local medication for the urethra.

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The main symptoms of the disease in male patients are more urethral secretions; urethral secretions are rare in female patients. Regardless of men and women, the urethra has burning pain, frequent urination, and urgency during urination. Urethritis can spread directly to the bladder or prostate and cause cystitis or prostatitis. If the acute urethritis is not treated properly, the abscess can be pressed with an urethral side. The abscess can wear the skin of the penis to become a urethral fistula.

In addition to the medical history and signs, the diagnosis of urethritis needs to be applied to dyeing or bacterial culture of urethral secretions to clarify the pathogenic bacteria.If male patients have no urethral secretions, they should conduct three cups of tests (that is, the first cup of anterior urethritis, with a large amount of pus cells and white blood cells, the second and third cups are clear. Poor urethritis is the first and 3 cups of turbidity.Valley cells, white blood cells, the second cup is clear).Equipment check in urethral urethrals.Chronic urethritis needs to be checked in a rotoscopy in a rotor in order to clarify the cause of the onset.Sometimes the metal urethra can be used to test whether there is stenosis in the urethra, and the urethra will be performed if necessary.(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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