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Sanjin oral liquid appears foreign body

As of yesterday, the gray -green foreign body purchased by the citizen Liu’s calcium glucose oral liquid has not been resolved. Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Three Precision Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Beijing area sales manager said that the factory’s drugs have strict control, which is still being dealt with.

According to Mr. Liu, his wife purchased a box of glucose oral liquid in the Xizhuang Cumin in the middle of last month. On the evening of April 14, when his son was taking the oral solution, Mr. Liu found that there was a gray -green sheet with soybean -sized soybeans in the bottle, and immediately stopped his son’s use, and then called the manufacturer to serve the hotline for telephone complaints. The oral solution is valid until November 2013.

Except for traces of the bottle aluminum cover involved in the oral solution, the interface is intact, but the gray -green sheet in the bottle is clearly visible. “The brand of this oral liquid is famous, but there will be foreign objects,” Mr. Liu said angrily.

In response, the person in charge of the sales of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical in Beijing said that after the incident, he contacted the parties in time. The medicines leaned out from the factory had the inspection department to check it. Processing.

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The “algae” in the oral liquid of the three essence of glucose glucose!

My child took the three years of oral liquid of calcium glucose, but it was more than two years ago, but 20 days ago, I found that there were about 10 cm long green algae in a bottle that was preparing to take. At that time, we were startled, and immediately found the pharmacy purchased, and contacted the dealer and the responsible comrades of the Hunan office. The responsible comrades of the office said they were busy now and asked us to wait for notification. Considering the good image of Sanjing Company in the people of the people across the country, our family waited for 20 days.

Susin oral liquid appears suspended material to harm the boss of the pharmacy

“Recently, many consumers come back to the” San Jingli and Calcium Calcium Oral Oral Liquid “. Most of the oral liquids returned by consumers have sediments, and there are some moldy black suspendeds inside. Give me a pharmacy and cause certain losses to reputation and economy. “Boss Liu, a pharmacy in Yuncheng, Shanxi, complained to this newspaper Sichuan Sanjing and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

(Editor in charge: Huang Shaoran)

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