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Scientific adjustment of sexual life of the elderly is more blessed

Due to the experience of long -term sex, the elderly will continue to maintain a certain degree of sexual desire. Under appropriate conditions, sexual desires will be stimulated, and sexual desires need to be satisfied after the appropriate sexual life is stimulated. Therefore, the demand for sexual desire for the elderly still exists to varying degrees, and the demand for sexual desire is often not synchronized with its actual ability, which is the contradiction between the sexual desire demand for the elderly and the inconsistent sexual function.

For male elderly people, although there is no obvious “menopaus” as a woman, the body’s secretion androgen function gradually decreases at the age of 60, and it is significantly reduced by the age of 70. After the level ofrogens are reduced, both sexual desire and sexual function will decline. It is manifested in the decline in the demand for sexual life, insufficient erectile ability, shortening erection duration, difficulty in exclusive or exclusive excitement, and the pleasure of the orgasm when the orgasm is orgasm. Decreased, the amount of semen excreted during excretion also decreased.

For elderly women, after the menopause of about 50 years old, the ovaries gradually shrink and decline, and the function of secreting estrogen gradually decreases, so as to terminate the secretion of estrogen. Women’s external genitals, if there is no physiological stimulation of estrogen, vaginal secretions will be greatly reduced and even completely disappear. The vagina appears “dry”. The vaginal mucosa is thin and fragile, and senile vaginitis may occur. At this time, if you have sexual intercourse, you will feel dry and uncomfortable or even pain, and sometimes there are a small amount of bloody secretions. This physiological change will reduce sexual pleasure or even disappear.

Experts suggest that your wife may wish to contact more intimately. The elderly men and women should remove the traditional old concept. They believe that they have been a grandparents, and the intimacy between men and women will be considered “old and unfair.” This idea is very unscientific, it is not conducive to the health care of the elderly. The correct approach is that regardless of the desire to contact with men and women, the other party should cooperate with satisfaction. This includes kissing, hug, and kiss body sensitive areas, touching and kneading the sexual sensitive area on the body.

Of course, in general, in this regard, elderly men may be more proactive and exterior; and elderly women will still retain the shyness of women who have been retained for many years. It turns out that proper satisfaction with sexual contact is conducive to the health of the elderly and women, which can enhance immune defense capabilities, help adjust the function of endocrine systems, and appropriately delay the decline of sexual function. This kind of intimate expression is more convenient when old couples do not live with their children.

For another kind of sexual intercourse, that is, the desire for sexual intercourse caused by genital congestion and swelling, only rely on general sexual contact (also known as marginal sexual behavior) cannot solve the problem, but must be “sex”, that is, the “sexual intercourse” of the true meaning dying “, Make both men and women reach orgasm and be satisfied.

Obviously, due to the decline in sexual function of the elderly, the degenerative changes of the external genitalia (this is particularly obvious in the elderly women), and sexual intercourse is often difficult. The common is the lack of vaginal secretions in women, which causes difficulty insertion or pain in the penis. At this time, technical means should be adopted to promote sexual intercourse. If you increase the time of preparation, you should care for more care, and use high -quality vaginal lubricants before and when inserting (the product name “Lilitai” Run dew, and the sex products store are available) , Cooperate with each other during sexual intercourse. Considering that the elderly are obesity and relatively poor physical fitness, the appropriate sexual intercourse can be adopted. If the upper and lower formulas are changed to the side human form, the physical load of both parties can be reduced.

In short, through the above two aspects, it is necessary to obtain sexual satisfaction, which is conducive to health care.

(Intern editor: Lin Fei)

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