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Scientific diet therapy can easily treat hepatitis B

An extremely important physiological function of ingesting protein food protein is to maintain the growth, update and repair of human tissue. The necrotic liver cells need protein (through biochemical effects) to repair and update. This is the principle of eating more protein foods with hepatitis B patients. Adults eat 40 grams of protein a day to reach the minimum physiological amount. 70 grams. Patients with hepatitis B should eat a little more, with 80-90 grams per day.

The protein content in milk is 3.5 % to 4 %, the digestive and absorption rate is as high as 97 % to 98 %, and it is the best high -quality protein. It is the best food that human beings can improve nutrition and enhance physical fitness. Drinking milk can help prevent liver cancer and other types cancer. How to calculate 80-90 grams of protein daily? Drink 750 grams of milk daily (about 30 grams of protein with three bags of milk), one egg (5 grams of protein), 400 grams of grain (about 40 grams of protein), and then eating the right amount of fish, meat, and soy products is enough It’s right. In this way, it is considered more protein food, which is better than spending money to buy liver medicine.

The appropriate amount of sugar, fat, and vitamins is mainly based on grains (including starch, polysaccharides) foods, and patients with hepatitis B no longer need to eat more sugar. For many years, people’s diet structure is low fat, and it is suitable for 500 grams of fat daily. Tomatoes, spinach, oranges, apples and other low -cost vegetables and fruits should be intake in moderation. Not only can the body intake sufficient vitamins and cellulose, but also fresh vegetables and fruits have anti -cancer effects. Those with severe liver disease should be treated with drugs. Hepatitis B can be passed to the next generation by vertical transmission, so hepatitis B vaccine should be vaccinated in time in accordance with regulations.

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