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Scientific nursing baby’s deciduous teeth, it is important to do these well

The baby will sprout the first teeth in about six months. From then on, parents will do a good job of baby’s teeth care. So how can you take good care of your baby’s teeth and prevent dental caries, you must notice these aspects!

Do a good job of oral cleaning

Scientific nursing baby's deciduous teeth, it is important to do these well

The cleaning of the oral cavity is very important for the healthy baby’s teeth, so Bao Ma must do the baby’s oral cleaning before the baby ends every day and sleep at night.

When the baby is young, Baoma can gently wipe his gums with a disinfection cotton swab; when you teething, use clean gauze to dip some warm water to wipe the baby’s tongue, teeth and gums; after the molars grow, the mother It is necessary to brush your baby in the morning and evening, and clean it inside and outside.

Exercise teeth

During the growth period of deciduous teeth, the baby will feel itching. At this time, Baoma can prepare some harder foods or grinding rods for the baby to chew him, which can effectively alleviate the discomfort of the baby’s teeth. Essence

Ensure the intake of calcium

Studies have found that the baby’s timely and correctly supplementing calcium can help the development of teeth and effectively prevent the emergence of dental caries. If the infant lacks calcium, the enamel will occur in calcium incompleteness, and it will not be able to achieve sufficient hard and dense. The surface of the teeth will appear uneven and lack of gloss.

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It can be seen that calcium is essential for the growth of the baby’s teeth. Novice parents must ensure that the baby’s daily calcium is sufficient. It is recommended that babies more than 6 months of calcium replenish calcium. Calcium products to increase calcium absorption.

Pay attention to deciduous care, novice parents must pay attention to it! Don’t forget, checking your teeth regularly to help find out any abnormalities in your child’s teeth and oral cavity early!

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