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Scrape the middle finger back to detect brain health

The hand is the epitome of the person as a whole, and the finger first and second (Figure 1) in the hand corresponds to the brain. Therefore, when brain fatigue, hypoxia, and cerebrovascular and cerebral nerve dysfunction, the corresponding holographic acupoint area will have a positive response to varying degrees. Therefore, the brain reflex area of ​​the back of the finger can be detected to detect its health.

The detection method is: After coating the scraping oil at the first and second parts of the middle finger, use the scraping plate or the horny back to slowly scrape the fingertips from the second joint. If it feels smooth and flat under the scraping plate; it feels pain, uneven or gravel, nodules, or blue -purple dots, suggesting brain fatigue or hypoxia.

Improvement method: Scrape the whole head with scraping comb, the head, top of the head, and back head (see Figure 2), you can focus on the wind pond acupoint behind the brain (see Figure 3), scrape it until the scalp is heated, just heat the scalp to heat. Pay attention to finding and focusing on the pain points. Frequent scraping the whole head and middle finger back has a health effect on the head, which can improve the hypoxia of the brain, prevent cerebrovascular disease, and delay brain aging.

It should be noted that the best time to scrape the head is every morning or brain fatigue, it is best not to scrape before going to bed, especially those who have neurasthenia and insomnia.

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