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Seasonal transformation brings 2 peak hair peak periods, and hair loss exceeds this time!

Medical Guidance: Professor Zhang Xingqi, Chief Physician of the Dermatology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

“Recently, the hair has been bad, and I get up with a lot of hair on the pillow in the morning. The bedroom floor is covered with all the ground. Last night, I washed my hair sewer. Is there a rescue?” Two days ago, Lin Jing complained in the circle of friends in the circle of friends. Since entering the autumn, my hair is as fragile as falling leaves in autumn, and it has fallen off with a little “wind blowing”.

“A large number of hair loss in August and September is about two months every year.” Xiaomei, who also had trouble with hair loss, said that it would be much better after it passed. This phenomenon said that this phenomenon is seasonal hair loss. reason?

In response to the reasons for seasonal hair loss and how to prevent and control, Xiaojiu interviewed Professor Zhang Xingqi, chief physician of the dermatology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.

It is too sensitive to seasonal changes, two hair loss peak periods

The hair grows from the hair follicles, and the hair follicles are periodic. Generally, the “growth period → degradation period → rest period → growth period” continues to circulate.

“Human hair follicles are three months. When the hair is dried, the hair follicles will grow new hair drying, and then slowly become thicker to form the hair we see.” Only dry hair will become longer and thicker, and the hair in the degraded period will shrink and fall off, and the hair will stop growing during the rest period.

Not everyone has increased hair loss in autumn and winter, and some people may lose their hair during winter and spring. Foreign studies have shown that July and November are the peak period for European women’s hair loss, but China still lacks relevant flow data. This is because the body is too sensitive to the seasonal transformation. The hair growth during this period is poor, and the hair is in the rest period.

“Seasonal hair loss is mostly female, most of which are physiological restless hair loss, and the duration will generally not exceed two months.” She explained that the number of hair on normal adults is about 100,000, and people lose less than 100 people a day. The hair is actually normal. If it is not for a long time, don’t worry too much. Many girls are accustomed to keeping their hair in autumn and winter, and they pay more attention to their hair, so they will be particularly obvious once the hair falls off.

Copy seasonal hair loss, not anxiety is more important than anything

For seasonal hair loss, if the diagnosis is physiological to stop hair loss, it is neither ignorant, no treatment, nor prevention.

Zhang Xingqi explained that this is a physiological phenomenon that cannot prevent hair even if used. “Once the hair has happened, it proves that the hair has already entered a resting period, and the dried hair that has been removed has been dead for three months. The hair is determined to fall off 3 months before the hair follicle cycle.

Under normal circumstances, when these two months have passed, the hair loss will naturally stop, and the hair growth will gradually return to normal. She said that patients who have lost more recently need to do one thing, that is, don’t pay too much attention to their hair, don’t be too anxious, anxiety will only increase hair loss.

Whenever mental stress and staying up late, nerve endocrine factors may affect the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby affecting hair health. Therefore, if you want to have a dark hair, you must try to avoid these factors, maintain a happy mood, maintain a healthy and normal eating habits, and increase exercise appropriately.

The hair loss lasts for more than a month, you should see the doctor for a doctor

Many seasonal hair loss patients are afraid of washing their hair, worried that they would wash their hair too much, and their hair dropped more.

“In fact, the frequency of the number of shampooing is not related to hair loss. Because healthy hair is deeply growing in the hair follicles, even if it is slightly hard, it will not fall off.” Zhang Xingqi pointed out that the hair dropped when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, and the hair fell when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, and the hair fell when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, the hair fell when washing her hair, and the hair fell when washing her hair. It is usually in the retreat or resting period, and even if you do not wash your hair, it will still fall off. She described hair loss like an “avalanche phenomenon”. The potential crisis already exists, and she cannot stop halfway, especially the physiological rest.

Nowadays, air pollution is still necessary to keep hair clean. No matter what season, you should use shampoos that are suitable for you. After washing your hair, your hair is not too dry. If it is too dry, it means that its oil removal ability is too strong, and the damage to hair and scalp may be greater. After washing your hair, your hair is too dry and you can use conditioner for care.

“If the seasonal hair loss lasted for more than a month, it continued to stop, or even more than three consecutive hair loss per day, then it would be highly vigilant.” She reminded that when the hair on the top of her head gradually became sparse, or hair appeared on hair When the signs of the inter -line movement, you should go to a regular hospital to find a dermatologist in time to let the doctor judge whether it is physiological or pathological or pathological hair loss. Topotypes such as anemia and abnormal thyroid dysfunction can also cause female hair loss. (Correspondent Liang Jiayun)

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Professor Zhang Xingqi, chief physician of the dermatology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

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