See what postures make you fat?

The accumulation of fat causes weighting, not only how much movement, but also because of the wrong posture. What poses make you fat?

Be wary: These actions make you fatter

Dusher the hump to destroy the women’s curve

Stretching should cause the chest to not be upright and sag. Camel back, leading to the accumulation of shoulders, back fat, tiger back, losing the feeling of female spirit!

Causes of relaxation of neck skin

Frequently lower heads to write down the case, the neck is easy to relax the skin, double chin appears, the lines of both cheeks are blurred, and meat appears with the neck. After the neck is relaxed, there will be deep neck lines behind the neck. The fat accumulates at the junction of the neck and shoulders, and a large meat ball appears.

Improper sitting leads to the abdomen swimming ring

When sitting, bend over the bow, how to sit comfortably, and form a “swimming ring” in the middle. Excess fat accumulates on the waist and abdomen.

Improper standing causes the hips to relax and sag

When standing, the legs were relaxed, and the weight of the upper body was pressed to the lower body, which caused the hips to relax and sag, and the muscles on both sides of the hip blew out.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu, intern editor: Zhang Yingxiu)

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