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Self -check!There are three signs of defecation, and they are alert to colorectal cancer!

In recent years, the incidence of intestinal diseases in my country has risen straight, and the number of intestinal cancer patients has increased day by day. In fact, if patients with intestinal diseases can be discovered early and treated, they will not gradually deteriorate and eventually suffer from bowel cancer.



The occurrence of bowel cancer has not only factors such as inheritance, age and other factors that we cannot change, but also factors that can change the day after tomorrow. In other words, relying on a healthy lifestyle, naturally it is still impossible to help prevent bowel cancer. The key needs to be found early. If it can be found in time, its 5 -year survival rate after early colorectal cancer was 90 %, while the late stage was less than 20 %.

Therefore, when going to the toilet, you can pay attention to the bowel movement: defecation, you can also distinguish whether bowel cancer is healthy!

1. Disorders of the rules of bowel movements

Most people have a certain regular bowel movement every day, such as one or twice a day is a healthier bowel habit.

However, if it is found that the rules of bowel movements suddenly disorder, from the previous one to twice to three to four times or more, and accompanied by the alternation of symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time and check it out to check it out. Whether he has early intestinal diseases such as bowel cancer.

If the intestine is cancer, the intestine will become very narrow. The stools produced will be stacked and cannot be discharged in time, which will cause patient constipation.

At the same time, in order to discharge these accumulated excretions in time, the large intestine will move more vigorously to improve the activity of the intestinal tract.

Second, stool deformity

The stool excreted from normal people usually presents a cylindrical shape of the rules, and patients with intestinal cancer cause a certain degree of squeezing the feces due to narrowing the intestine, so the excluded feces will be flattened.

As the tumor becomes larger, the impact on bowel movements will become more and more serious. Not only will the feces become thinner, but it will also cause patients to be unable to excrete it at one time, which will cause inexhaustible feeling.

Third, feces with blood

Generally speaking, feces are mainly caused by two reasons, one is hemorrhoids, and the other is bowel cancer.

Different from the feces caused by hemorrhoids, the bleeding caused by bowel cancer is often large, and it is accompanied by mucus. Once infected, black pus and blood will also occur.

No matter what the blood stool is, you should pay attention and diagnose treatment as soon as possible.

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