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Self -examination found 3 major symptoms of breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is a general term based on the hyperplasia of epithelial cells and connective tissue of breast foam tube. It is a general term that is neither inflammatory nor tumor. Essence In recent years, the incidence has risen year -on -year, and the age has become increasingly aging. The disease is more than 25-50 years old. Women who are irritable, easy to, or introverted. One 49.3 %, of which 40-49 are the age group of high incidence, and endocrine hormone disorders are the main causes of the disease.

Experts said that breast hyperplasia is a common disease of women. If it is not treated in time, it may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, as a woman, when the following signals appear, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Women with a signal of breast hyperplasia must be vigilant:

First, breast mass.

1. In the early stage of the onset, patients with breast hyperplasia are unilateral or bilateral breasts, which are more common on the outside of the breast. You can touch a single or more, different sizes, different sizes. , Fascia days adhesion.

2. Generally, breast lumps will increase before menstruation, and they will be softened after menstruation.

Second, breast tenderness.

1. Breast pain, tingling, or soreness, severe patients can feel pain when walking, and pain can radiate under the armpit and upper limbs. Individual patients may have itching of breasts.

2. Survival and menstrual cycle have a certain relationship, the pain of menstruation is worsened, and the symptoms of menstruation are reduced or disappeared during the menstrual period.

3. There is also a certain relationship between pain and emotions and weather changes. If emotional excitement, rainy, and hot weather, the pain will increase.

Third, other symptoms.

A few patients will have brown or pale yellow liquid on nipples. There are also fewer people with squeezing nipples to see overflow. If you are bloody or brown, you need to be cautious.

It is worth mentioning that the cancerous rate of breast hyperplasia is about 20 %. It is called an anterior cancer lesion. According to the International Anti -Cancer Alliance, women with breast hyperplasia in the United States will have the chance of breast cancer in the future. More, there are also reports 45 times or higher. However, some people believe that there is no direct connection between breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. At most, it is only one of the risk factors of breast cancer. In any case, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time when the disease occurs.

Self -examination:

Through self -examination of the discovery of breast disease, it is particularly important for female friends to understand some of the breast self -examination. The self -examination time should be carried out one to two weeks after menstruation.

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Breast hyperplasia self -examination methods are as follows:

See: Standing in front of the mirror, drooping with your hands or hips, carefully observe whether the bilateral breasts are symmetrical, whether the skin and nipples have no depression or eczema, whether there is redness and swelling, or abnormal protrusions. 2. Professional breast examination: regular examination should be performed every year. Please check the breast specialist. The inspection time also avoids the early menstrual and menstrual period.

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