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Semen taste judges men’s health state

Anyone and women with sexual experience will notice that the semen ejected by men has a strong special smell. Some people feel disgusted and say that it is unpleasant; some people feel fragrant, saying it is refreshing and exciting. These two feelings are closely related to the physiological and psychological factors such as the level of sexual desire, the depth of the spiritual blending of the spiritual meat, and the attitude of sexual behavior. And scientists are interested in, where does the smell come from and what does it mean?

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Semen and saliva, gastrointestinal fluid, blood, etc. belong to the body’s body fluid, but only the smell of semen is the most significant. Semen is not as simple as other body fluids, it is a mixture. In addition to sperm in semen, other spermal ingredients consist of a variety of secretions of prostate liquid, epididymal solution, semen and urethra, and vasters.

The smell of normal semen is emitted by an oxidation of a chemical called softened softener, which is very much like the smell of chestnut flowers. Sepatal ammonia is one of the important ingredients contained in prostate secretions. The oxidation of sperm ammonia must be involved in the semi -vesicular fluid. The prostate fluid obtained through rectal massage generally does not have the smell of natural ejaculation semen.

It can be seen that the smell of normal ejaculation semen comes from the prostate, but it exudes it with the participation of the seminal vessels. Special odors often represent damage to prostate function, and semen of many prostate patients often cannot smell this smell.

As for the special smell of semen, it is speculated that it may be related to sexual desire and sexual behavior. Among low animals, the information of gender activity and sexual selection mainly depends on odor to pass; many mammals will emit some special odor during the estrus period to attract the same kind.

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Despite the continuous expansion of human stimulus in evolution, the status of a sense of smell in sexual choices is located in vision. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered many secretions that can affect the opposite sex from the human body, indicating that the sense of smell may still be one of the important sexual organs of the human body, and it is necessary to make in -depth research.

Sex Blessing Classroom Expert: Jiang Hui

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