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Seven standards for self -testing of prostate diseases in middle -aged and elderly men

Urology experts amend the international prostate symptom scores established by the World Health Organization, so that patients can test themselves. This test requires 7 questions in middle -aged and elderly men to determine the severity of the symptoms.

These 7 self -test score standards are: In the past month, “What is the frequency of not fully discharging the bladder after the urine is exhausted?” “What are the frequencies that you have terminated and restarted when you urinate?” “What do you find that it is difficult for you to delay the urination time?” You can determine the score from “0” to “5” according to the situation of “never”, “less than one -fifth”, “less than half”, “about half”, “more than half”, “almost always”, “almost always always”.

In the last month, “What are the frequencies of urination by pressing or tightly to urinate by pressing or tightly?” According to the situation such as “never”, “once”, “2 times”, “3 times”, “4 times”, “5 times”, determine the score from “0” to “5”.

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0 points to 7 points are mild symptoms, 8 to 19 points are moderate symptoms, 20 to 35 points into severe symptoms. It is generally believed that mild symptoms only need to be followed up, while moderate symptoms and severe symptoms require drug treatment and surgical surgery, respectively. However, if any of the 7 issues score more than 3 points, even if the total score is not high, it is necessary to consider the appropriate treatment plan.

According to experts, benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common urological disease of men over 50 years old. If not treated in time, it will cause many serious complications, such as acute urinary retention and stones. The incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia gradually increases with the increase of age. The incidence of men aged 40 to 79 is about 50%, and the incidence of 80 years old is as high as 83%.

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