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Seven traditional Chinese medicine inventory of weight loss and health

Whenever we lose weight, it is a topic that has always received attention. After all, no one has a heart love, and I hope we can have a slim figure. Then we should pay attention to some of our habits, pay attention to our own diet, and our diet. Eat less junk food, usually do more exercise, and you can also use some importance to help you reduce fat.

1. Lotus leaf: Drot leaf removes troubles to quench, reduce excess fat

Features: contains icoline, tannic acid, etc.

Efficacy: Reduced fire and thirst, reduce excess fat.

Second, motherwort: reduce blood stasis, which is good for mother’s weight loss

Features: contains motherwort alkali, water soda, motherwort, a variety of alkaloids, etc.

Efficacy: weight loss, eliminate blood stasis.

Third, chrysanthemum: chrysanthemum to detoxify, lower fat and lose weight

Features: including Bai Ju, Hang Ju and Huang Ju.

Efficacy: resolve wounds, clear heat, detoxify, lower fat, reduce weight.

Fourth, Xiongxiong: dry and wet, fat in the center of burning

Efficacy: Dredging greasy, promoting blood circulation, analgesic relieving, removing wind and dampness, burning fat, and weight loss.

Fifth, mountain bean roots: mountain bean roots, eliminating swelling, can cure night sweats

Efficacy: anti -diarrhea, expectorant, swelling, night sweats, and suitable for related constipation cough, night sweats and other diseases.

Six, dogwood: reduce cholesterol, reduce fat

Efficacy: clearing liver, kidney, lowering blood lipids, reducing fat accumulation, helping to lose weight quickly

Seven, wolfberry: wolfberry as a medicine for medicinal weight loss

Efficacy: kidney, nourish the lungs, liver, bright eyes, anti -aging, control hypertension arteriosclerosis, lower lipid weight loss.

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