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Several kinds of white -collar women’s sitting positions are the most hurtful breasts

Many white -collar women are often a computer and a chair because of their work, and they are a whole day. If you don’t pay attention to sitting, you will really hurt your body. Do you have these sitting positions?

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Humpback will compress the chest tissue. Over time, it will affect the health of the chest. Therefore, it should be kept up with a tight chest.

bend over

Due to the tight work rhythm, the waist is often involuntarily collapsed, which increases the burden on the lumbar spine, hinders blood circulation, and then affects the development of the pectoral muscles. Therefore, women should often go straight and stand up to the wall for a few minutes to make your chest comfortable.


The shoulder is unable to stand upright. The two shoulders are put forward. The shoulders will cause the chest to not be upright and sag.

Hold the arm

Many women often embrace their arms on their chests, which will increase the burden on the chest. It should be relaxed to put your arms on both sides of the legs, and often stretch your waist to help improve your chest shape.


When women’s desks, if they ignore the health care of the breast, many people will have symptoms such as breast bloating and tingling, sour pectoral muscle tissue, and other incredible underarm discomfort. Therefore, it must be prevented in time.

Squeeze the chest

Some women who work in the desk may be squeezed from the edge of the table because their breasts are often squeezed by the edge of the table. Because leaning or lying on the table, the breasts are just on the pentage of squeezing. Some studies believe that if the breasts are squeezed for nearly an hour and a half by the hard tables, it can interfere with the normal metabolism inside the breast, and it will naturally cause bad consequences when it takes time.

Go to sleep

You should sleep as little as possible, and it is best to take the pose slightly to the right, otherwise the breasts will be severely compressed, so that the breasts sag and sunken.

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