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shocked!In order to combine with eggs, some sperm will “poison” competitors!

A baby falling to the ground requires a healthy fertilized egg development, and fertilized eggs need a combination of sperm and eggs. Women can generally exclude an egg every month, while men’s ejaculation is eliminated for hundreds of millions of sperm. With so many sperm, grabbing an egg can be described as “thousands of troops crossing the wooden bridge”!

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In the competition of hundreds of millions of sperm compatriots, which one can win the “heart” of eggs?

In the past, it was believed that only the strongest, healthiest, and fastest sperm can win the final victory and perfectly combine with the egg. In order to screen the “Son of Sky Selection”, the human body will set up heavy obstacles, such as the acidic conditions of vaginal vaginal, cervical secretions, curve and alley, blocked and immune cells in the halfway. These are sperm. It is particularly dangerous. If the sperm perseverance and physical strength are not enough, there is no chance to “meet” with the eggs. Only sperm that across these barriers can see the “Fang Yan” of the eggs, and there is a chance to “fall into love” with the eggs. Formation of fertilized eggs.

For a long time, everyone believes that although the competition between sperm is fierce, the nature is at least fair. However, a recent study shows that the relationship between hundreds of millions of sperm may be a malignant competition relationship.

Researchers from the Institute of Maxplank in Germany found that some sperm experiments found that some sperm carried special genetic factors, so faster than other ordinary sperm swimming, so as to be more quickly to the end of the eggs. And this special genetic factors are called “T-Multiple”.

Why is the speed faster? Are they more physically strong? Researchers have found that sperm with a T-multiple genetic factor can provide energy for RHO small G protein (RAC1, which is a molecular switch that drives the sperm straight line to move forward).

In addition, sperm with a T-polymeter genetic factor can also release an interferon. This interferon will “poison” other sperm, which makes them unable to move forward, and can only stay in place all the time. In addition, having T-Multiple genetic factors has “antidote” for this interferon, and this “antidote” is only effective for itself.

This study subverted many people’s three views. It was thought that the competition between sperm was an obstacle match, but I did not expect it to be a prop match! Players with props can use props to harm their opponents, and participants with no inch of hand can only be eliminated.

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From this study, we can see that “things are competing for heaven, and the survival of the fittest” may be the rules of nature. Sometimes the competition between species is sometimes not “brute force”, but also to test talent and luck, and even It may be “no means”.

From another perspective, everyone who lives in the world may belong to the “son of heaven”, because when he is still a sperm, he is already talented. Therefore, from this perspective, if we encounter uncomfortable things in life, don’t be too frightened. When we think that when we are still a sperm, we will defeat the “thousands of troops and horses” with our own ability. One thing that is proud!

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