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Types of long socks, middle socks, and short socks are divided by long charging of socks; hukou socks, Luokou socks, and rubber mouth socks are divided by the type of socks; men’s socks and socks are used. Objects to divide.

Structural socks are composed of three parts: socks, socks, and socks. Among them, the socks include socks, socks and socks, and socks. The role of the socks is to make the edge of the socks from dispersing and clinging to the legs. There are 5 main parameters of socks: socks, socks, long, long, mouth length and healing.

The specifications of the specifications are represented by the socks, and the socks are based on the actual length and size of the socks, so you can choose your feet socks after you know that your feet are long. However, due to the different raw materials used in socks, it also has different socks series. Among them, the elastic nylon socks are 2cm in the length of the socks; the socks series of cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, blending socks, etc., are 1cm in the difference.

The quality can be summarized with the words “tight, loose, large, light, Qi, and Qing”, that is, the socks and socks are tight, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the socks are large, the surface of the socks is smooth, the mouth is flat and unslaying. The tissue is clear, with patterns, socks, socks and no needle.

Those who choose sweaty feet with different wearers should buy breathable and humid cotton sock socks and wool socks, while the feet are cracking, they can buy pillar pill socks and nylon socks with poor water absorption;

For those with short feet, you should buy stockings with the same color as high heels, which can have a slender feeling visually. It is not advisable to buy color socks such as big red and green;

Those with thick feet are best to buy dark stockings such as dark brown, black, and try to avoid light -colored stockings as much as possible, so as not to produce a more fatty feeling on the feet;

For women wearing high heels, you should buy thin stockings to match. The higher the heel, the thinner the socks should be.

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