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Short -term vegetarian slimming method 6 Points fast weight loss

The intake of meat and oil is the key to weight loss, so many women choose short -term vegetarian weight loss methods such as thinning soup and apple meals. It sounds unusual thing to eat vegetables, but if you eat unscientific, you will not only lose weight, but also adversely affect health. So, how to eat vegetables is scientific and healthy?

1. Eat more fresh vegetables

Fresh green vegetables, when you buy it without eating at home, you will slowly lose some vitamins, such as spinach at 20 degrees, and 84%of vitamin C losses for 24 hours. So try to eat more fresh vegetables as possible.

2. The nutritional part that should not be abandoned

For example, bean sprouts, some people only eat the buds above and throw the beans. In fact, beans contain 2 to 3 times more vitamin C parts than buds. Then squeeze the vegetable juice when making dumplings, and vitamins will lose more than 70%. The correct method is to mix with oil after cutting the vegetables, and add salt and seasonings, so that the sauce will not produce soup.

3. Use prosperity for cooking

According to the determination, the vitamin C loss of the vitamin C is only 17%. If it is stir -fry, the vitamin C loss in the vegetables is 59%. Therefore, stir -fry should be used. The dishes that are fried in this way are not only delicious and delicious, but also less nutritional losses. Add a little vinegar when cooking, which is also conducive to the preservation of vitamins.

4. Stir -fried dishes while hot

Someone saves time, likes to stir -fry the vegetables in advance, and then wait for people to eat or eat together warmly in the pot. In fact, the vitamin B1 in vegetables will lose 25%during the warmth after frying. If the stir -fried cabbage will lose 10%if the heat preservation is 30 minutes, if it grows to 1 hour, it will lose 20%.

5. Stir -fried meat and vegetables more fat -absorbing

Some people prefer to eat vegetables in order to lose weight without eating fat. Researchers have found that all cells with rich moisture are full of air, while meat cells are full of water, so vegetables are easier to absorb oil, but after eating, it is not conducive to losing weight.

6. Drink soup even more

Many people like to eat vegetables but do not like soup. In fact, most vitamins are dissolved in the vegetable soup when cooking. Taking vitamin C as an example, after the cabbage is cooked, vitamin C will be dissolved in the vegetable soup; fresh peas are boiled in water for 3 minutes, and vitamin C is 50%dissolved in the soup. When washing vegetables, if the vegetables are cut and then rinsed, a large amount of vitamins will be lost into the water.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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