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Should a woman scrape my body?

“Girls insist on not scraping the body for a semester, and the boys insist on removing all hair from the neck to the heel, and they can get extra courses.” This is the classroom of Breanne Fahs, a gender research professor at Arizona State University in the United States rule. real or fake? Intersection Little friends, do you dare to try?

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Should a woman scrape my body?

Many girls who take this course are most worried about the feelings of her boyfriend after retaining their body hair; boys participating in shaving are afraid that their buddies will feel that they are too mother. This course made them realize how masculinity and femininity were defined, how social norms made people unknowingly recognize, and how much pressure to break the routine.

In fact, “one hairy” has not made women uncomfortable since ancient times. At the beginning of the last century, as the skirts became shorter and sleeveless, western shaver producers began to produce women’s special razor and hair removal cream, produced exquisite posters, emphasizing that women’s hair removal “clean “And” Beauty “. Since then, the underarm and leg removal have become popular. Gradually, our society praised the smooth skin, linked the thick hair with laziness and tacky, implanted the anxiety of the body to women, and then asked them to buy these products to regain elegance and confidence.

In the discussion of women’s shaving, the most common proposition is: “You have the freedom to shave you, she has the freedom of shaving her, this is a personal choice, and the pain is also willing to.” It happened in the vacuum -when the social evaluation fell on the ground to prefers a certain approach and degrades another option, when consumerism sells hair removal products to us through movies and magazines, it is difficult to say that women’s choices are really “freedom “, Isn’t it?

However, “incomplete freedom” does not mean that women have no room for rotation. Shavering and feminine are not opposite, and the same is true for not shaving. Feminism does not teach women to choose some kind of behavior and stigma, because it is no different from a single culture they want to oppose. In addition, everyone should move closer to the mainstream aesthetic and values. The interests and negotiation spaces are different -urban white -collar women, transgender women, female politicians, and female workers’ subjective feelings of shaving, shaving the consequences of shaving cannot be shaved It may not be the same. Shouting the slogans such as “Love the Body”, “Being a True Self”, and “Refusing to materialize women” to oppose shaving, as unpopular and ignore the situation as urging all homosexuals to come out.

When we criticize the stare of shaving to women, we must also be alert to its opposite side, which is “physical essentialism”. Although there are many critical places to shave, the “natural beauty” of the hair has fallen into another mortar. Because the “real” body that does not add modification is a myth; “nature” is often used to properly use the stereotypes of men and women, and it is not conducive to diverse exploration of sex and gender. The standard becomes “natural”, and it is not changed to soup; even such essentialism can easily derive the speech such as “the parent of the body and the skin” and “resisting the liberation of Western sex”, which becomes anti -women and anti -sexual rights. arms.

In fact, hair removal may be both obedience and resistance. SAZ in the British drama “Rotten State Girls” comes from a Indian family, and women cannot shave in their lives. But after being laughed at by her classmates, she finally decided to make full -body beeswax with the help of her sisters. You can say disdain that Sas just escaped from a patriarchal cage, and then he jumped into the trap of another white patriarchal capitalism. But I prefer to think that even if the mantra arm is a small effort, it is impossible to knock down a giant immediately, but in the process of comparison, the friendship and satisfaction of women’s gains is true at that time, and it is the future. A greater awakening accumulates potential.

Having said that, hair is not all of a person. The meaning of not shaving also depends on the subject itself. I have a friend who is a physiological woman with long hair fluttering, paint, red painting, full chest, and smooth pussy, and does not intend to degenerate, but he always agrees that he is a man and likes men; He treats him as a man; he is feminine and plays the role of “1” (the side of the male sex in the love of men) in bed. Have you been fainted? After such gender, identity, and desire, those symbols that seem “materialized women” suddenly became rich and radical on friends.

If “the body is a battlefield” is an eternal proposition, then this battle should be more beautiful, not just scolding the mainstream aesthetics and “beating the cannon”. Since it is a part of the body, of course, the hair of the axillary hair, pubic hair, and hair can be sexual organs. You can have a pheasant gameplay -the hair is wild and the hair is pure. Mao is developing. If everyone can enjoy various body symbols more comfortably and perform their gender and eroticism, “Mao” is really “bigger”.

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