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Should children go to the hospital for fever?These four diseases in summer should be more vigilant

Summer is a season for high incidence of various diseases, especially children. Children in major pediatric hospitals have come to injections and medicine. The hospital’s corridor is full of beds. It is said that there are more and more children received in the hospital since the summer, mainly because hot weather can easily breed all kinds of germs, and children themselves have low resistance. At home, some need to go to the hospital for treatment. Parents should learn to distinguish the symptoms and avoid serious consequences.

If the child is hot, if you should go to the hospital?

“Children’s common diseases are basically accompanied by fever. Some can wait a few days, and some must seek medical treatment immediately. It is particularly important how parents should identify.” He Liya pointed out that the most common diseases in summer include hand, foot, and mouth Diseases, herpes pharyngitis, flu, pneumonia, etc., as long as the child is less than 3 months, the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees; the child continues to cry and irritability; Or the headache is obvious; accompanied by rash; it is not due to nasal congestion caused by dyspnea; it cannot be awakened, conscious disorders or hallucinations occur. For the first time, the phenomenon of fever and convulsions should go to the hospital for the first time.

Other patients, such as fever for more than 3 days, have ear pain, sore throat, dysuria, or frequent cough, more than 38 degrees of body temperature, and those who are younger than 2 years old can make an appointment. Before the consultation, do a good rest at home, drink more water to keep the room in the room Cleaning, if you want to cool down, you can use your clothes and wipe your child’s body with warm water to physical cooling, but be careful not to use alcohol or cold water to wipe your body to cool down.

These five diseases cannot be ignored in summer!

Director He Liya introduced that these four diseases in summer are most likely to invade children. Parents can prevent them in advance.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

“The first one is hand, foot and mouth disease. The high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease was in May to July, and this year’s hand-foot and mouth disease continued. In August, it was still high. Infants or children need to pay attention.” Director He Liya said The common infectious diseases caused by multiple intestinal virus infections are infected. The main reason for its strong infectivity is that there are many “invisible infected people”. They are not infectious but infectious. It is easy to infection with rash and herpes such as fever and hands, feet, mouth, buttocks and other parts.

Due to the lack of anti -intestinal virus drugs, children with hand, foot and mouth disease must first treat them with symptomatic treatment. The protection of the family is very important. Proper disinfection and avoid cross -infection. “Especially in the family, there are two children in the family. Happening.”

Herpes pharyngitis

“Herpesha pharyilitis is an acute upper respiratory infection disease caused by intestinal virus infection. It mainly manifested in clinical symptoms such as fever, soreness, irritability, salivation, anorexia. Complications. “Director He Liya introduced that in the past, everyone could easily ignore herpes pharyilitis, but its incidence was 2-3 times that of hand, foot and mouth disease. Therefore, it is necessary to be more vigilant. Whether there are herpes and ulcers.

In order to prevent herpeshamine, parents should let their children exercise diligently. They usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, rationally match the diet, eat more fresh fruits, and improve their body immunity. At the same time, toys and milk for children are disinfected, paying attention to keeping the mouth and skin cleaning.


“The clinical symptoms of infant infant flu are often not typical, and high fever can occur. Newborn influenza is rare, but it is easy to combine pneumonia. It often has sepsis, such as drowsiness, rejection, breathing suspension. Such as laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchitis, capillary bronchitis, pneumonia, and gastrointestinal symptoms are more common than adults. “He Liya pointed out that the overall temperature of the food reaches 70 degrees Celsius due to the sensitivity of temperature, ultraviolet rays, and common disinfection agents. The above can kill the virus.

She said that the influenza is different from the cold. The symptoms of influenza are manifested in fever, chills, sore muscle joints, and weakness of the whole body. Influenza is caused by influenza virus. Ordinary colds are caused by rhinovirus and coronary virus. Ordinary colds can generally be cured in three to five days. However, the relative time of flu is relatively long. Flames and other complications.

He Liya reminded that influenza should be prevented early and early treatment. Infected patients were treated within 48 hours, and the right drugs were used reasonably. Inocular vaccination in advance. She reminded that children with vaccine should be greater than six months and observe whether there are other reactions after vaccination. People with fever or acute infections should be vaccinated after symptoms are eliminated.

Pediatric pneumonia

Pediatric pneumonia is mainly caused by respiratory virus, bacteria, atypical microorganisms or mixed infections. Generally, it is fever, cough, chest pain, and developing to viral pneumonia. The possibility.

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