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Sighting a woman’s love history from a posture

Love luck can be observed in many aspects, you can look at the face or look at the hands, and even a person’s sitting posture can see his love luck. Some people sit down to love Qiao Erlang’s legs, and some people are regular when they are sitting. So what kind of love is these sitting positions? Here we take a look!

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Get used to sitting on the legs of the Erlang

Friends who are accustomed to Erlang’s legs, like adventure, actively take the initiative to love, pursue more desire for the people you like, will boldly pursue, good at expressing their own advantages and talents in the face of the opposite sex, love when love, women when they are in love, and women are female. Looking a little bit about the money, the man was generous to the other half and was willing to spend money. In love, the jealousy of such people is more suspicious and likes to be loyal and loyal.

Sit with your feet together

The personality characteristics of this kind of friends are generally respecting the law in their careers and being affinity. They are more fate in love, do not force, and are good at dealing with lovers. Although they do not pursue love in love, they are Love life is often very happy. The biggest advantage is that they are very patient. They are more considerate and caring for the other half. Such people are more confident in their love and should not fall into the dilemma of love.

I am used to sitting on my feet often

Such friends are good at interpersonal communication, flexible mind, smart, and intellectual. Love is also gentle and polite. They often observe and listen to each other, learn more about each other, and then invest in what they are good. When such people are in love and secret love, they will get rid of this situation with their own ingenuity.

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