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“Silent Killer” hepatitis C can be cured, and the doctor calls for “passive screening” to “active testing”

my country is a “big country of hepatitis”. The survey shows that one of each 12 people is liver disease. March 18 this year is the 21st “National Love Day”. The theme is “love liver and liver, combine prevention and treatment, and curb hepatitis.” The medical team of the Infectious Medicine of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province carried out free screening activities of hepatitis B and hepatitis C to help the masses correctly understand liver diseases, and early screening and early prevention.

Be wary of the liver “trilogy” at any time

The liver is the main organ of the human body detoxification and detoxification. In recent years, there have been many factors such as changes in the living environment, poor living habits and work pressure. The incidence of liver disease has gradually increased, making people more and more worried about the health and safety of the liver.

Wu Maosheng, director of the Department of Infectious Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, introduced that hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. Due to hepatitis virus, drugs, alcohol, autoimmune factors, liver cells were damaged, liver function was damaged, causing appetite loss, abdominal distension, nausea, nausea, nausea , Vomiting, fatigue, and abnormal liver function indicators such as uncomfortable symptoms.

Hepatitis has great damage to human liver health. The ignored liver will be performed at any time to staged hepatitis “trilogy” from hepatitis to cirrhosis and even liver cancer. “Among them, the most common viral hepatitis is hepatitis B. Hepatitis C is relatively rare, pays insufficient attention, and has more opportunities to coexist with other diseases, but hepatitis C is a disease that can be‘ cured ’.” Director Wu Maosheng told reporters.

Although hepatitis C has no vaccine, it can be cured

In 1975, a new type of hepatitis of hepatitis was discovered in 1975, and in 1989, it was named hepatitis C (HCV). Hepatitis C, mainly through blood transmission, use of blood transfusion and blood products, damaged skin and mucous membranes, shared injections, unsafe injection and sexual contact, can cause HCV infection.

According to WHO estimates, in 2015, 71 million people in the world suffered from hepatitis C, and 399,000 people died of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer caused by hepatitis C. Among them, about 5.2 million people in my country had chronic HCV infections. Long -term infection of hepatitis C patients will lead to an increase in the burden on the disease. If drinking, obesity, and infection with HIV (HIV) or hepatitis B virus (HBV) will accelerate the development of the disease.

“At present, there is no effective prevention of hepatitis C vaccine,” said Director Wu Maosheng. “The prevention and treatment of hepatitis C depends mainly on prevention and treatment of infectious sources, that is, the treatment of hepatitis C patients is also one of the key measures.”

Hepatitis C patients are mostly liver function, but HCV RNA positive slow hepatitis C infection will affect the treatment of other diseases; at the same time, hepatitis C can also cause damage to the extratforce system.

With the advent of the era of direct antiviral drugs (DAAS), the overall treatment rate of hepatitis C treatment can reach 98%, which is considered to be the world’s first chronic virus infectious disease that can be cured, and the drug has entered medical insurance, which has greatly reduced the reduction The burden of patients, the availability of the drug is no longer a problem.

It is still important to note that there is currently no direct antiviral drugs for full orally for pregnancy and lactating women, and no drug is approved to prevent vertical transmission of maternal and infants. Therefore, routine screening should be performed before pregnancy. If HCV infection is diagnosed, anti -HCV treatment should be performed first.

These high -risk people need to do secondary screening

The liver is a “silent organ”, and early discovery is the key to the prevention and control of liver disease. Hepatitis is preventable and cure, correctly understand hepatitis, and can be found early, early diagnosis, and early treatment. Screening is an important means to prevent liver cancer. Reduce the mortality related to liver disease and reduce the burden on the disease by effective treatment.

Early screening, mainly prevention, can increase the cure rate of viral hepatitis. For high -risk people with liver cancer such as viral hepatitis and fatty liver patients, the second screening needs to be carried out in time to prevent liver cancer.

There are people with unclean sex history, damaged skin and mucous membranes, blood transfers, and high -risk behaviors such as incompetence, eyebrow tattoos, tattoos, and pierced ears in non -regular places.

Director Wu Maosheng reminded: “We need to transform the ‘passive screening’ for ‘active testing’, further improve the early screening rate of liver cancer, and strive to accelerate the goal of global elimination of viral hepatitis.”

(Correspondent: Zhu Jian, Wang Shuhui)

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