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Six errors of parents in parent -child games

Error 1: Interference in the baby in an urgent roar

For babies, anything in life is a game. Therefore, many methods of the baby may make parents feel confused, especially when the baby plays some parents who think it is inappropriate, some parents will rush to interfere with the baby, but some parents think that the baby’s small appearance is very small. Cute, so you can use your baby to be a toy, which will have a bad impact on the baby. Although the baby is small, he is inherently observed. Therefore, any behavior of parents will leave a very deep impression in the baby’s brain, which will have an unusual impact on the baby.


Building an equal playmates with babies is the highest state of parent -child games, so that it can better mobilize the enthusiasm of baby games.

Error 2: Measure the baby’s game with the value orientation of parents

The game is the best way to learn baby, and it is also the best training method for cultivating a good personality and behavior of babies. Parents should not artificially restrict the baby’s game, or forced the baby to play games that do not like to “learn” to “knowledge”.


Let the baby give full play to his imagination and creativity, and the master of the game. When the baby does have problems that cannot be solved or may have an adverse impact on him during the game, parents need to intervene and guide the baby.

Error 3: Press the game against the age characteristics of the baby

Babies of different ages have different interests and enthusiasm for different games. For example, deliberately let the items in your hand fall to the ground and make it sound. This is a game that is about 1 year old. But if you play this game with a baby 2 to 3 years old, they will feel so delicious. Such a big baby may be more interested in toys.


Parents should guide babies of different ages to play as much as possible to play games suitable for them, so as to make them interested and help develop the baby’s intelligence and imagination.

Error 4: It doesn’t matter if you think good game habits

Good game habits will have a vital impact on the growth of the baby. Let your baby learn to abide by game rules, arrange game time reasonably, etc. These good game habits are the best way to understand the rules of social behavior.


After the toy is played, let the baby clean up by itself, and return to the original place; the game time must be restrained, and you cannot affect eating, sleeping, etc. because of playing.

Error 5: The right to deprive the baby alone to play alone

Baby is not what we want to be accompanied, and he also needs his own space. Even for a few months of babies, they will play with their little hands and feet and experience the fun of playing alone.

Correction: Parents should use opportunities to encourage babies to play independently. Do not disturb the baby when the baby does not cry or make trouble.

Error 6: When the baby needs help

The game is the best way for baby to seek answers themselves. When the baby is keen on game activities, they may make some special requirements. At this time, try to help them, do not restrain them because they are afraid of babies soaring clothes or other problems.

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Provide a variety of game materials for babies, such as small paper, seeds, soil, small scissors, small scissors, building blocks, water, sand, pigments, empty cartons, etc., and let them make their brains to the game. When the baby encounters difficulties in the game, the parents have to give the baby the opportunity to solve the problem by themselves. Only when the baby really cannot solve it, it will be given some help.


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