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Skin itching how to do?Try these anti -itching small recipes

Skin itching how to do? There are many causes of skin itching. When the climate is dry, the diet, and the restlessness of the schedule may affect the skin state, and the skin is prone to itching symptoms. Especially for white -collar workers facing computer work, due to frequent contact with computer radiation, it is more prone to skin itching. In addition to the use of drugs, it is also a good way to use dietary conditioning. If you also have itching of skin itching, you may try the following small prescriptions of these dietary therapies, which is very helpful for itching!

Skin itching how to do? Try these anti -itching small recipes

1. Itchy skin eats more dates Sydney cream

Materials: 10 jujube (or gold jujube), 20 ml of Sydney cream.

Production: Soak the jujube for half an hour, add water into the casserole until the jujube is rotten and add Sydney cream.

Efficacy: This prescription can moisturize the skin and protect the spleen. It is suitable for dry skin dandruff in winter and itching for the elderly.

2. Drink more dandelion tea in the skin

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Dandelion is a very good medicinal material that can be eaten directly, boiled water and drinking. It is also very effective for itching. After boiling water, use it directly. Generally, it is valid for three days.

3. Try propolis for skin itching

Take ten drops of propolis and pour in warm water in 50ml in water.

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