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Skin medication needs to be reasonably selected for dosage form

When suffering from skin diseases, it is best not to buy ointment by themselves without clearing the cause and diagnosis, especially those with sensitive skin types cannot choose external drugs at will to avoid delays or even aggravate the condition.

Reasonable use of dosage forms

Different dosage forms can play different effects on skin lesions and can directly affect the treatment effect. For example, in the exudation period of acute eczema, it is advisable to use wet compress. If you use boric acid water or other potions to wet, you can receive better results. For example, ointment, such as boric acid ointment, although the drugs and concentrations are the same, inflammation and symptoms will exacerbate.

Reasonable selection of drugs

Appropriate drugs should be selected according to the nature of skin diseases and during the disease. For example, during the period of acute inflammation, the skin is sensitive, and drugs with allegedness and lower concentration should be selected. Avoid using drugs with strong irritation and high concentration. Antibacterial drugs should be used in bacterial or fungal skin diseases.

Pay attention to individual response

Women and children’s skin are delicate, with face, neck, vulva, and limbs flexion and other parts of the skin are more delicate, and the medication should be easier. The concentration of large medications in the area of ​​the disease should be low, and the irritation should be small, especially those with damage should be noted. The same drug has a good effect on someone, and may not have significant effects on another patient, and even cause allergies; some drugs are used well and are not effective for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the individual differences of the drug during the treatment process. The skin should be stopped immediately when the skin is red, molted, and burning.

Master the correct way of use

The method of medication is appropriate or not, which can often affect the treatment effect. For example, powder and washing agents can be used multiple times a day, and the ointment and emulsion should be 1 to 2 times a day, which can be applied to the affected area.

Application of hormone drugs

Generally, it is mainly used for neurodermatitis, chronic eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. Under the guidance of a specialist. Commonly used drugs include rice pine, fluorine hydrogen, and hydrogenation. Long -term use of this type of corticosterol hormone drugs can cause skin atrophy, capillary dilatation, increased brittleness, purple pattern, pigmentation and other adverse reactions. In addition, children’s facial use is not recommended. Bacteria and viral skin diseases, acne, fungal skin diseases, etc. are also disabled.

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