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“Sleeping in a house” has become a new trend?Doctor: There are three cases, couples are best to sleep separately

“Centennial cultivation has been traveled with the ship, and the thousands of years can be used to sleep together.” It can be seen that it is not easy for couples to share the same bed together. Before they get married, two people sleep together may easily attract others’ pointers. After marriage, husband and wifeSleeping in the same room was protected by the law.

It is undeniable that sleeping in the same bed naturally enhances the feelings of both husband and wife, but some habits may cause a lot of harm to the two people’s bodies.

These two sleeping habits will threaten health

Face -to -face sleep: This sleeping posture will cause the gas that one party to inhale is mostly exhaust gas exhaled. The brain lacks insufficient fresh oxygen or oxygen supply, which is easy to cause insomnia, dreams, dizziness, weakness, and mental deficiency.

Sleeping with a pillow: Some husbands and wives sleep, women will sleep on men’s arms, which will affect blood circulation, easily cause numbness and sore upper limbs, increase the pressure in the abdominal, lead to reflux esophagitis, and affect digestion function.

However, although these sleep methods have a disadvantage to the body, because the body will always adjust because people are sleeping, the body may be turned over when they are asleep. Therefore, try to avoid bad sleeping positions.Reduce the body’s flip and improve the quality of sleep.

In fact, the absolutely healthy sleeping position does not exist, because people will constantly adjust the body’s state in the state of sleep. Even when the couple two sleep on a bed, they will find that the sleeping position is different in shape.Different.

The relatively healthy sleeping position is usually to ensure the position of the right side, which can effectively avoid compression of the heart.But this is not absolute. If you have a disease in the lungs, the best sleeping position is still lying on his back.Therefore, the situation of sleeping position should still be treated specific.

“Sleeping in a room” has become a trend?

Of course, whether it is fart, molar or snoring, and some people choose to sleep in bed or simply sleep.This is called Lat (Living Apart Together) partner, that is, a separate living together.

The survey shows that among Canada’s 25-64-year-old adults, 1.5 million LAT partners; 31%of couples in the United States choose to sleep separately; while sleeping in Japan is a strong culture, 70%of couples choose to choose after having children.Sleep in a room.

The biggest reason why he sleeps in bed is because he can’t stand the other person’s sleep state, or the way of the other party’s sleep affects his sleep quality.

A study at the University of Queensland in 2012 pointed out that 34.5%of people were woken up by their partners to go to bed, and 48%were woken up by their partners when they went to the kitchen in the middle of the night.Wake up at work.

The biggest benefit of sleeping separately is that the quality of sleep is guaranteed and will not be interfered by the other person’s sleep.Good sleep quality allows the body function to operate normally, improves the efficiency of the brain, relieves daily pressure, and maintains emotional stability.

On the other hand, while the quality of sleep is guaranteed, women’s “desire” can also significantly improve.A study of “Sexual Medicine Magazine” found that the probability of sexual contact will increase by 14%the next day.

Of course, it is a personal choice without separate sleep, but in some cases, the couple must still sleep separately.

If the husband and wife suffer from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, epidemic colds, or skin diseases, they should sleep separately, because sleeping together can easily pass the disease to the other party.

If women suffer from moldy vaginitis or vaginal trichomonas, they will also be transmitted to her husband during sex, so in this case, they should also sleep separately to avoid mutual transmission.

In addition, women’s menstrual, pregnancy period, puerperium, and lactation period also score bed to sleep, which can ensure women’s health to the greatest extent.

Is it good to sleep in bed in a big age?

When you were young, it was nothing to sleep in bed, but when he was old, the husband and wife should keep the habit of sleeping in the same bed because this is good for the body.Compared with young people, the elderly have a common disease with basic diseases. Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. The two people divided the bed and did not take care of them at night. If the disease suddenly occurred, it would be difficult to find it in time.Therefore, it is very dangerous for the elderly to sleep in bed and sleep.

Studies at the University of Pittsburgh have also found that the same beds will increase the sleep satisfaction of both men and women, because the beloved people are around, and people will have a sense of security, which can effectively make up for poor sleep quality.

It’s just that two people don’t face face to face when they sleep, which can easily cause insomnia and dreams of insomnia.At the same time, avoid taking sleeping pills when the quality of sleep is not good, you can use neurotic drugs to adjust appropriately.

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