Slimming effect that coffee is unexpected

Coffee is a drink. We usually drink a cup for refreshing, but do you know that coffee can lose weight? The caffeine in the original coffee has a favorable diuretic effect and helps to discharge excess water in the body.

1. Three major weight loss principles of caffeine

1. Can promote the decomposition of hidden fat

The caffeine in coffee has the effect of increasing the concentration of fatty acids in the blood. Once the concentration of fatty acids in the blood increases, fatty acids will be absorbed by muscles, which is consumed by a way to convert body energy. In other words, drinking coffee can promote the long -standing fat decomposition in the body.

2. Drainage

Caffeine has a diuretic effect, which can increase urination, excrete excess water, and reduce edema.

3. Substitute of help to reduce weight

Some scientists believe that coffee is a more fast and mild diarrhea than crude fibrous food. It is effective for at least 1/3 people and women are more obvious. The ingredient that helps to row the stool is a fast “body fluid hormone”. Experiments have found that after drinking coffee for only minutes, the movement of the large intestine and starting to strengthen. This kind of gastrointestinal motility It becomes weak.

Second, the best time and tip of coffee weight loss

1. Drink after meals. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour after lunch, taste a cup of rich coffee without sugar coffee, which helps digestion after meals and promotes fat burning.

2. Drink before exercise. It has the effect of increasing the effect of exercise, and can accelerate the converting fat into muscle.

3. Do not add sugar for coffee. If you are not used to the bitterness of coffee, you can add a little milk, but do not add sugar, because sugar can hinder the decomposition of fat.

4. Drink hot coffee. Hot coffee is more effective than ice coffee, and hot coffee can help you burn the calories faster.

5. The baking temperature should not be too high. Light -roasted coffee is more effective to lose weight. Coffee with high roasted temperatures. Although the taste is strong, the caffeine content is relatively small, which is not conducive to weight loss.

6. Choose black coffee. Black coffee is a very healthy drink. A cup of 100 grams of black coffee has only about 5kcal calories, so drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal will effectively decompose fat.

Harvard University surveys instructions that the human body can usually consume nearly 500-600 mg caffeine daily, which is about 4-5 cups of coffee. It will not have any side effects on the body within 4 cups. At the same time, the caffeine components of these 4 cups of coffee are enough. The concentration of fatty acids in the blood increases and consumes fat, but for health, 2 cups of coffee a day are more appropriate.

Third, the 4 practical operations of coffee weight loss

1. 4 cups a day

The caffeine in coffee has the effect of promoting fat decomposition and releases fat in the blood, so drinking coffee can also lose weight. Generally speaking: 4 cups of coffee with 4 cups of sugar and milk can reach the ideal weight loss status.

Note: Poor gastrointestinal digestion and excessive stomach acid. People who are prone to insomnia should not use this method.

2. Smelling and slimming method

The aroma of coffee makes people emotional and can improve the sensitivity of the sensory. Therefore, drinking a cup of coffee during work can improve work efficiency and better stimulate your willingness to lose weight.

3. Sports loss after drinking coffee

Due to 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, the concentration of fatty acids in the blood will become higher. At this time, it can be used in an appropriate amount to turn fatty acids into heat energy and effectively burn fat. For example, walk for 10-15 minutes quickly, go back to the office or home without taking the elevator; you can also do some small movements in place, such as twisting your upper body, tiptoe, abdomen, etc.

4. Coffee slag massage slimming method

Massage with coffee coffee can not only make the skin smooth, but also the effect of firming and beauty. If coffee liquid is mixed with coffee residue, in the direction of blood and lymphadenopathy, you can move in the heart in the direction of blood and lymphatic flowing in the direction of blood and lymph. will be better.

Fourth, coffee weight loss several taboos

1. Taboos. Don’t drink more and more weight loss, don’t drink infinitely! Even if the weight loss effect of coffee is better, you can’t drink too much. If you eat it with cakes or biscuits, the effect is almost zero. In addition, you should not drink too much in an empty stomach, so as not to cause gastric ulcers.

2. Avoid sugar. In order to lose weight and drink coffee, you must not add sugar, and you can only consider a little bit. However, Kabchino coffee and French coffee, although adding sugar and milk, will not affect the effect of caffeine, so you can drink it with confidence. As for American coffee with rich caffeine content, of course, it is even more problematic.

3. Avoid canned food. The calories of canned coffee are scary. Even if there are many caffeine content, it is difficult to achieve the effect of weight loss, so you must choose canned coffee without sugar.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu, intern editor: Zhang Yingxiu)

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