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Small injuries will not be ignored!Care of diabetic foot must be done well

With diabetes, there are many things to pay attention to. Almost from top to bottom, you can’t care.

Diabetes foot is a common and serious chronic complication in diabetes, with an amputation rate close to 40%.

Small injuries may have large possessions, and the problem of diabetic foot cannot be ignored

The problems of the foot are often slowly intensified from childhood damage, but many patients with diabetes have not been discovered in time and valued. For diabetic patients, the abnormalities that occur in the foot need to be vigilant.

In the early days, diabetic feet only manifested itching, dryness, edema, dull skin and so on. No matter how serious, the pulse of the foot will weaken, the foot reflexes are slow or even disappeared. Some patients will have a tingling or numbness, and the time will affect normal walking. In the later period of diabetes, the shape of the foot will change, and ulcers, gangrene, necrosis and so on will occur.

Prevention is important. How to care for diabetes

First of all, no matter whether the diabetic foot has appeared, it is an essential step to control blood sugar. Stabilizing blood sugar can effectively prevent and slow the occurrence and progress of diabetic foot.

In addition, the care of the feet cannot be forgotten:

1 Avoid walking barefoot. Diabetes patients are relatively prone to infection and difficult to recover, so try not to walk barefoot to reduce the risk of injury, while maintaining relatively clean feet.

2 Select comfortable and clean shoes and socks. In the choice of socks, do not choose too tight to avoid affecting blood circulation. It is best to choose light -colored cotton socks and insist on changing them every day. In the choice of shoes, you need to choose soft, fit, and good breathability. Avoid squeezing and friction damage due to walking. In addition, before wearing shoes and socks, be sure to check that there are no foreign bodies.

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3 Check your feet regularly. In addition to doing a good job of feet, it is necessary to regularly check whether there are redness, swelling, damage and so on.

4 Quit smoking. Smoking can cause blood vessel contraction. Some studies have stated that “old smoke guns” are prone to surrounding vascular lesions. Don’t want to have diabetes, patients with diabetes, it is best to stay away from tobacco.

In short, don’t think that the “high emperor is far away” in the foot, the problem of problems has little effect, and you don’t care about it. When diabetes really happen, regret it.

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