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Small knowledge of children’s eye health: pay attention to the balanced intake of children’s nutrients

Many parents know that protecting children’s eyes is important, but it is always easy to fall into misunderstandings in life. What should I do to protect their children’s eyes? Today, let’s take a look at the suggestions of Li Huili, director of the Ophthalmology Department of Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Small knowledge of children’s eye health: pay attention to the balanced intake of children’s nutrients

The sooner the children’s eye health, the better

1. Strictly speaking, children’s eye health starts from the pregnancy, because the formation of the eye in the third week of the pregnancy of the pregnancy, such as pregnant women with intrauterine infection, pregnancy hypertension or vitamin A deficiency, rubella and bad life Habits and so on can affect the formation and development of fetal eyes, causing abnormal development of fetal eyes.

2. Giving appropriate light stimulation during the newborn period is conducive to the vision development of newborns. Give your child’s vision tracking opportunity in 2 months, such as: to tease the child with red objects. Give multi -color stimulus in 4 to 5 months, enhance the coordination movement of both eyes. The actions that children watch for 7 to 9 months require visual participation, so it is necessary to play more than two objects for children to promote visual development.

3, 1 and a half years old can read books, identify simple graphics such as squares and triangles; you can understand ellipse and diamonds around 3 years old. If the child has obvious visual backward phenomenon, it should be checked in time.

Pay attention to the balanced intake of children’s nutrients, especially nutrients that are closely related to the eyes

1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A can promote and maintain the growth and function of the body’s epithelial tissue. In the eye, vitamin A can ensure that the corneal structure is normal and participate in the synthesis of the retina’s visual rod cells. Children’s vitamin A deficiency can cause corneal dryness, softening and even ulcers. There are two sources of vitamin foods: one is the retinol in animal foods. The main foods are: liver, cream, egg yolk, etc. The second is carotene in plant foods. The main vegetables are: broccoli, carrots, celery leaves , Spinach, golden needle, leek, cantaloupe, pumpkin, etc.

2. Vitamin B1: Vitamin B 1 Lack of eye drying, blurred vision, corneal congestion or aggravating myopia. Foods containing vitamin B 1 are mainly: cereals (mainly coarse grains), beans, animal liver, etc.

3. Vitamin B2: When vitamin B 2 is lacking, the eyes will appear fear of light, tears, and burning eyes, and can also cause conjunctivitis. Foods containing vitamin B 2 are mainly: milk, egg yolk, liver, soybeans, dark green plant foods, etc. ④ Calcium: The important role of calcium on bone development has long been recognized, but the impact on eye development is often ignored. In fact, when children lack calcium, the elasticity of the eyeball wall decreases, and the pressure inside the eyeball will extend the axis, especially when reading books and watching TV at close range will promote the occurrence of myopia. This is also the current children’s myopia. One of the causes. Calcium -rich foods are: shrimp skin, sea rice, egg yolk, dried tofu, laver, kelp, tofu, milk, etc. It should be noted that the absorption of calcium must have the participation of vitamin D, so you should pay attention to the supplement of vitamin D while supplementing calcium.

Family, schools, and childcare institutions share their attention to children’s eye examinations

At present, schools and childcare institutions are regular medical examinations once a year, including eye inspections, but some families, schools or kindergartens do not pay enough attention to the results of the inspection, and do not further review, confirm, and cure the problems found to make some children until some children are allowed to make some children. Eye illness missed the best time to treat. Therefore, to do a good job of children’s eye care so that children’s visual abnormalities are corrected in sensitive or best periods, parents and educational institutions need to work together to pay attention to them together.

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