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Small movements quickly reduce the waist and abdomen fat

“Thick waist, big abdomen” not only directly affects a person’s spiritual appearance, but also brings inconvenience in action. So how to reduce the waist and abdomen fat? Today I will tell you 6 simple small movements, which can help you quickly reduce the fat on the waist and abdomen.

The following introduces several simple and easy -going exercise methods that can be performed at any time.

First, rubbing the abdomen: The practitioner is lying on the bed, stacked with both hands, placed on the abdomen clockwise, the nephew is 50 laps each, and the two hands are open to the abdomen separately, and then 50 times to return. Get up and practice, a group in the morning and evening.

Second, the body rotation: the legs are separated from the same width of the shoulders, the two hands on the waist or the sagging side of the body, swinging with the body, 50 times each to the left and right. When the rotation is required, the legs are not moved, the amplitude of the rotation is large, the waist is straight, and the head and neck should be topped.

Third, the front of the body is flexed: the legs are standing upright and the shoulder width, the upper body tends to the lower body forward, and then stands up. Require your knees to straight, try to touch your hands as much as possible, and do it 50 times in a row. (You can also progress according to your physical condition, and the number of times is gradually progressing).

Fourth, raise your legs in turn: stand on your legs (you can also hold your hands on the wall, writing table, on the window sill or on the bed carpet) as much as possible, and your knees should be lifted up as possible. Do 50 times each.

Fifth, sit up and sit: The practitioner is lying on the bed or on the carpet, his legs straight, the upper body is sitting hard, and then leaning forward.

Sixth, twist hip jump: jump up your knees in place to twist your hips, jump your feet at the same time, twist your hips at the same time, and swing your left and right arms on the opposite hip, and repeated several times in a row.

There are many ways to exercise on the waist and abdomen. The above exercise methods are easy to exercise. It can be used in a single item or comprehensive, and it must be persistent; it is useless to expose ten colds from interests. Only serious and strictness, meticulous, each exercise can cause light and unique fatigue, for this reason, it will take effect, and it will definitely benefit.

To reduce the waist and abdomen fat, first of all, the spiritual spirit should be relaxed. Secondly, it is necessary to appropriately reduce sugar, starch and animal fat foods. Third, we must adhere to physical exercise and have a certain amount of activity to strengthen the abdominal wall muscle group. The key is the deposition of the abdomen and muscles. Enhance the strength of the waist and abdomen muscles, so that the internal organs of the abdominal cavity do not cause the abdominal wall muscle to be weak or sagged. This is also important to improve the body shape. For example, participating in some swimming, jogging, mountain climbing, gymnastics, and targeted abdominal muscles are also an effective way to reduce waist and abdomen fat and enhance abdominal muscle strength.


(Editor in charge: Lai Huili Internship Editor: Lingling Ping)

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