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Small recipe for insomnia to treat insomnia


There is a survey that the higher the quality of the person who has a higher income, the worse the sleep quality. Most urban white -collar workers have more or less insomnia symptoms. Insomnia has many adverse effects on the health and work and life of urban people. Essence Instead of insomnia is a common phenomenon, we recommend several small recipes of insomnia to relieve the symptoms of insomnia.

Small recipe for insomnia: Ejiao eggs

Make this small recipe for insomnia requires 40 grams of Ejiao and 4 egg yolks, and right amounts of rice wine or rice wine. The first is to boil the wine and boil. After the Ejiao is completely melted, add egg yolk and salt to stir well before boiling with high heat. After the production is completed, you must do a cooling treatment. After cooling, you can put it in a clean bottle for later use. Drinking in the morning and evening every day has the effect of treating insomnia.

Small recipe for insomnia: Angelica Codonopsis Pig Heart Soup

Making this Angelica Codonopsis pig heart soup requires materials such as angelica, Codonopsis and pig heart. Before making, cut the pig heart and make a water. Put the three materials into the steamed pot and steam it. After steaming, you can eat pig heart and drink soup. This soup has a good effect on patients with sweat and guilty insomnia.

Small recipe for insomnia: Sour jujube soup

This small recipe for treatment of insomnia requires Chinese medicinal materials such as Sichuan Dome, Poria, Mother, Licorice, and Sour Jujube. When making, you only need to put all Chinese medicine materials together with water and decoction together. Drinking jujube soup has the effects of clearing heat and removing annoyance and soothe blood. Effect.

Small recipe for insomnia: lily sugar water

Lily is a common effect of nourishing yin and nourishing gods and soothing. After cooking with a lily and water, boil the fire until the lily is cooked. Add the seasoning of rock sugar or sugar to the treatment of insomnia, dreaming, and upset. disturbed.

Small recipe for insomnia: Ganmai Drink Tea

Gan wheat drinking tea needs to go to nuclear jujube, licorice, floating wheat and other raw materials. Put all the materials together and cook together until the jujube and floating wheat are cooked. Filter the wheat and licorice directly to drink soup. Taking this tea twice a day in the morning and evening can have a good effect.

The above are some small recipes for insomnia recommended. Treatment of insomnia also requires good health habits and improved dietary laws, and developing good habits of frequent exercise.

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