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“Small testicles” are not necessarily infertility

“Small testicles” are not necessarily infertility problems

Experts point out that testicles are different from the uterus, so it is not possible to think that small testicles are the same because of the small uterus.

The main role of testicles is to produce sperm. As long as the quality of the sperm is good enough and the number is large, it will not affect fertility in general. The uterus is a place for life. If the uterus is small, the uterus will cause the uterus to be unable to store semen and sperm normally, so that the sperm cannot be obtained and conceived; the uterine form and volume abnormalities, the dysplasia of the uterine muscle layer is not conducive to the bed in bed, planting, planting, planting Entry and embryonic development can easily lead to early pregnancy abortion, abnormal placenta position, and slow fetal development.

Pathological testicles need to be paid attention to

Of course, if the pathological testicles are smaller, special attention is needed.

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Most of these small testicles are due to mild fatigue due to sperm tissue or cells with fine sperm tubes. These cells are constantly atrophy, and sperm cannot be created normally, or if they are damaged, they cannot produce sperm. It will show that the atrophy of the testicles will become smaller. In severe cases, it will also appear infertility, but because of less interstitial cells that secrete androgen, it generally does not affect the development of male reproductive organs and male deputy special signs. From the perspective of clinical actual situation, the testicles are serious. Sexual atrophy is not uncommon to cause infertility.

Experts suggest that when the testicles have atrophy or are accompanied by fertility dysfunction, they must go to the hospital for examination of semen semen microscope. If the sperm is less than 20 million to 60 million per milliliter semen, and the functional function is reduced, the shape is abnormal, it should be considered infertility.

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