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Softening blood vessels has cheated Chinese people for many years, fungus, onions, walnuts, and peanuts are all nonsense

“Didn’t you say that eating fungus can soften blood vessels? How can you still have myocardial infarction?”

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Outside the operating room, Uncle Qi’s wife asked the first aid doctor in horror.

The cause of the matter is this.

Eight months ago, Uncle Qi’s wife was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, and the doctor asked her to treat drugs at the time. However, Uncle Qi’s wife was worried that drug treatment would have side effects, and then stopped for a while, and the blood lipid control was almost controlled. Uncle Qi asked his wife not to eat it, and began diet at the same time.

Uncle Qi heard that the fungus can soften the blood vessels, so he asked his wife to stick to the fungus every day, but what I did not expect was that Uncle Qi’s wife suddenly had a myocardial infarction now. The doctor checked that it was caused by the control of hyperlipidemia. Only the beginning of the article happened.

Uncle Qi is very puzzled about this, isn’t it that eating fungus can play a role in softening blood vessels? Is there no effect?

1. What is vascular sclerosis?

Before explaining whether fungus can soften blood vessels, we must first know what vascular sclerosis is.

Clinically, doctors often compare the blood vessels of the human body into water pipes. With the age of age, the elderly may have different degrees of vascular sclerosis. When you were young, normal blood vessels were very flexible. In order to flow more smoothly, the inner wall of the blood vessels was very soft.

But when you are old, the physical functions of the body decrease, coupled with high oil and high fat diet, then the blood vessels will become thicker and hard, and powder tumors will appear in the inner wall of the blood vessels. Essence Slowly the inner wall of the blood vessels will slowly narrow, which will cause the blood circulation to be unsatisfactory. If it continues to deteriorate, the blood vessels will be completely blocked.

Imagine, can a water pipe that has been blocked and aging by oil, can it be repaired as before? The same is true of blood vessels, and the answer is difficult.

After the explanation of vascular sclerosis, whether the fungus can clean the blood vessels, it is easy to explain the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Second, these 4 kinds of foods are “blood vessels”? Don’t eat it blindly, it’s useless!

In fact, not just fungus, these three foods do not clean up vascular waste.

● fungus, it is useful to be purified to be useful

Black fungus is a relatively healthy food that is rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other rich elements.

It is true that some studies have proved that eating fungus can reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, and cholesterol, but what works is the fungus polysaccharide in the fungus. And it is necessary to eat a certain amount to achieve the effect of lowering three highs.

The highly purified polysaccharide is like an intravenous injection antipyretic medicine, which can quickly fever, but it is not realistic to treat hyperlipidemia just by taking fungus.

● Onion, some people eat worse

In 2012, a team conducted an experimental operation on the onion. The researchers did research on the role of onion to reduce blood lipids. Research on rats and studies showed that the sulfur, flavonoid chemicals, and phenylphenols in onions were A variety of compounds such as compounds do have a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on lowering the three highs, so this is why many people firmly believe that onions can reduce blood lipids.

However, as the fungus above, animal experiments do not mean that there must be relevant curative effects in human experiments. Secondly, the effect of high purity is very different from the effect of simply eating onions.

In addition, not everyone can eat, because the onion also contains a lot of irritating substances, so patients with skin diseases and eye diseases are not suitable for eating onions. Patients in the period of gastrointestinal disease are not suitable for eating onions. Essence

● Walnut, good but not cured:

Walnuts are called “King of Nuts” to eat less a day, which is good for cardiovascular, but no study has proved that eating walnuts can treat hyperlipidemia.

The nutritionist in walnuts is very rich, rich in fiber, and also contains unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, and the saturated fat content of walnuts is very low, which can inhibit the increase in bad cholesterol in the body. Therefore However, people who have high blood lipids are not recommended to treat hyperlipidemia by eating walnuts.

● Peanut, excessive eating is harmful:

Peanuts have a high amount of fat. Although it contains richer unsaturated fatty acids, it also contains saturated fatty acids. If you eat too much peanuts, you can also provide a lot of heat and oil and water, which will cause us to gain weight. benefit.

Therefore, for middle -aged and elderly people, we do not recommend eating too much peanuts, high fats such as fried peanuts, etc., let alone eat.

Third, vascular sclerosis, you have to treat it like this

Food therapy does not improve the problem of blood vessel sclerosis, so it has to be done to control vascular sclerosis.

If you want to stay away from vascular sclerosis, you must first control the three highs. The prevalence of the three high patients is 7 times higher than that of ordinary people. Therefore, friends with three highs must control their three high levels.

Secondly, it is necessary to quit smoking, low -salt and low -fat diet to reduce the risk of hardening blood vessels.

It should be noted again that do not take medicine randomly. Whether it is treatment or prevention, you need to conduct under the guidance of a doctor, and regularly monitor your blood lipid levels. Take medicine yourself will only endanger your health. Finally, a regular medical examination should be carried out. Even if there is no vascular sclerosis or other diseases, regular medical examinations should be used to observe their blood pressure and blood lipids. The disease is discovered in time and active treatment. Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking, drinking, obesity and other factors will cause patients to be prone to arteriosclerosis. In our lives, we must develop good living habits to prevent the occurrence of these diseases. With the process of disease, we can better prevent the occurrence of diseases and avoid harm to the body.

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