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Some erection is difficult, it is fake impotence

Men’s sexual function is one of the factors of harmonious relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. However, with the changes in the social living environment, the incidence of erectile dysfunction of men is getting higher and higher, and it has shown a trend of rejuvenation. In the male clinic, many patients were depressed because of impotence, and even felt unable to raise their heads. But in fact, there are many “fake” impotence patients, and male experts from Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine reminds male friends to judge correctly.

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1. There are several failures. The tough guy is synonymous with men. If there have been several failures in men’s sexual life, I will worry about “I can’t do it and impotence.” In fact, this kind of impotence is largely false, and men with lack of sexual knowledge, such as newlywed men.

Some clinical data found that the incidence of erectile dysfunction during the wedding period was more than 50%, of which more than 95%were caused by mental factors. On the one hand, the newlywed men, on the one hand, are lacking sexual knowledge, excessive operation, and poor communication between sexual skills, causing erectile dysfunction; on the other hand, it is too fatigue to handle marriage, leading to mental unimportant, not sufficient sexual excitement, and impotence. It is generally recommended that the man to adjust the mood, and the couple should strengthen communication. If you have no normal sexual life after rest, psychological adjustment, etc., it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.

2. The erectile hardness is not ideal. Economic dysfunction is often divided into three states: erection, strong, but not strong, strong, and shortly. If only the erectile hardness is poor, it cannot be concluded as “impotence”. If each sexual intercourse is in a state of incompetence, the chance of suffering from impotence is greater, and occasionally it cannot be asserted several times.

There are many influencing factors of male erectile hardness. The common causes of clinical practice are “fatigue sex”, that is, sexual life is in a state of fatigue in the man’s body. For example, after working overtime and staying up late, men cannot completely relax, and they will have a “false impotence” phenomenon with poor erection hardness. It is recommended that the two parties enjoy “sexual blessings” in a state of relaxation in physical and mental relaxation.

3. No erection for a certain object. Recently, in the hit TV series “White Deer Plain”, Bai Xiaowen and his daughter -in -law could not reach the “male” state when they were “doing things”, and the daughter -in -law of Heiwa “hey more than”. This belongs to the situation of impotence and theoretically cannot be called erectile dysfunction. The reason is more common in the tight relationship between husband and wife, or do not like sexual intercourse. Also because the woman has a strong personality, or a strong woman in the workplace, men must look at the woman’s face when sexual life. This will not only make men cold and avoid sex, but may occur in serious emotional betrayal. This requires the two parties to do a good job of emotional communication, shoulder family responsibilities, and a strong woman who goes home to show the gentle side in order to firmly faste the relationship between the two parties.

4. Do not let your partner orgasm. Sexual life is a good medicine to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Many female friends treat sexual orgasm is very important, and even the man cannot let his orgasm as “incompetent”. This kind of understanding is unscientific. Although sex orgasm is the ideal state of sexual harmony between men and women, but in real life, there is a “sex scissors poor”, that is, the orgasm experience of both men and women is different. We are like a man, just like electric lights. As soon as you open, it will be closed, and women are electric irons. The heat is slow and lasting. Therefore, if the two sides want to achieve sexual harmony, the foreplay plays an important role in the life of the husband and wife. Therefore, it is not possible to simply say that the sex life that cannot make the partner orgasm is impotence.

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5. Premature ejaculation suspect is impotence. Premature ejaculation and impotence are two common diseases that plague men in sex. In China, premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation that can enter the vagina at the end of the penis, or that sexual intercourse does not exceed one minute, and most people use premature ejaculation as impotence. This is also a wrong view that confuses the relationship between impotence and premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is only fast ejaculation time, accompanied by the softness of the penis, softness; impotence cannot erected or persistent erectile hardness, or even the ejaculation action cannot be completed.

Although clinically we will encounter erectile dysfunction caused by various factors, but to be diagnosed as impotence, professional male doctors need to judge that male friends should not find trouble for it. It is worth reminding that if men with a history of diabetes and vascular disease have a penile erection disorder, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent delays from delaying the condition. After early intervention treatment of impotence caused by this kind of organic reasons, it can still show “the true nature of men.” (Li Haisong, Director of Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ● Wang Bin Zhao Bing)

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