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Sons of shingle: a pain that can breathe

Speaking of chickenpox, everyone is very familiar, but many people are unfamiliar with shingles. Zessy, also known as “Waist Fire Dragon” and “snake sores”, belongs to common skin diseases. It is a very painful thing to suffer from shingles. Not only does it feel itchy, but there may be neuralgia. Let’s find out today.

What is shingles?

Zospellings are infectious diseases that affect nerves and skin. They are caused by chickenpox belt -shaped herpes zoster virus and have certain contagiousness. The disease of shingles is manifested in local skin allergies or burning pain, which can be accompanied by mild fever, fatigue, weakness, and loss of appetite. Patients will have rash, mostly pimples and blisters. Generally speaking, the rash mostly occurs on the side of the body, and the blisters distributed in groups can occur in the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and limbs.

In addition to rash, neuralgia is also one of the typical symptoms of shingles.

Schiper neuralgia, which can breathe pain

Generally speaking, children with herpes sons have a mild pain or no pain, and more pain in elderly patients.

“Consensus of Chinese Experts in China” in “2016 Sedock Diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese Experts” states that the incidence of shingles with shingles with shingles over 60 years of age is 65%, and the incidence of zoster nerve pain in patients with shingles over 70 years old is 75 %. The probability of younger zoster patients with herpes zoster is very low.

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How to treat shingles?

In Western medicine, shingles can be divided into systemic treatment and local treatment. According to the actual situation of the patient, anti -virus drugs (such as Agelvevir, Puncosloville, viruszole, etc.), painkillers, etc. are used for systemic treatment. Skin lesions occur, and can be treated with external ointment or potion.

If there is an unknown skin pain or herpes, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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