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Speak on asthma?The new research conclusion is just the opposite!

As one of the main non -infectious diseases, asthma is characterized by dyspnea and recurrence of asthma. In recent years, asthma has increased in the global incidence and mortality year by year.

According to statistics, at least 300 million people in the world have asthma, and 30 million asthma patients in my country have a incidence of about 1.3%. Asthma is a common infectious disease in children. It has a heavy burden on individuals and families, and restrictions on personal activities often continue for life.

For a long time, animals have been considered one of the common triggering factors for eczema and asthma, but the latest research results show that you are blame dogs, and dogs say that this pot is not back!


Dogs can help you resist asthma, whether you are allergic to it or not

Exposed to animal allergens will cause children with allergic asthma. Researchers studied 180 urban children. They can be divided into two categories, one is sensitive to dogs; the other is allergic to other factors carried by dogs, such as bacteria. The results showed that children who were allergic to dogs showed a protective effect when facing other susceptible factors carried by dogs, but when direct contact with dogs, severe asthma reactions would cause severe asthma reactions.

Both studies were published at the 2017 conference of allergies, asthma, and immunomotives (ACAAI), but it is currently only initial research and has not been confirmed by other studies in the industry.

Dr.erika Kennington, the head of British asthma research, responded to the discovery: “This is an interesting study, but only 180 children’s samples are relatively small. More research on the relationship between pets and asthma needs to be continued. Patients with asthma may help children.

Some people think that cats and dogs are unlikely to cause these allergic reactions, but there is no evidence to prove this. All animals produce dandruff, urine and saliva, which are factors that may cause asthma symptoms. Britain is currently conducting research on related projects in order to change the lives of patients with asthma. “

Holly Shaw, a nursing expert from the British Allergies Association, said: “This study emphasizes the exposure of as early as the pet can enable the human body to establish a corresponding protection mechanism and reduce the possibility of children’s allergies. In the early days Biological diversity is very important for starting the immune system. Especially in modern social methods, the possibility of expanding biological diversity. “

“But for adults and children who are allergic to pets, pets are the incentives of the symptoms of asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis.”


New research: Children with pet dogs in the family are not easy to get eczema in childhood

Ten%-20%of babies and children will have eczema. Like asthma, eczema is also a special disease, which is related to the superfluous reaction to allergens.

Some related studies have reportedly reported that children who are allergic to dogs live in an environment with pet dogs within one year, and the possibility of eczema will be reduced. But whether this impact can continue to be confirmed.

This time the researchers conducted research in the community of Detroit, USA, and investigated the 2 -year -old and 10 -year -old babies and mothers. These mothers come into contact with at least one dog before giving birth, and the daily contact with the dog is more than 1 hour. The results showed that the mother who was in contact with dogs before childbirth, their babies had a lower risk of eczema before the age of 2. But this effect is relatively not obvious when the baby is 10 years old.


Pet Tips

Restricting the scope of pets at home, especially not entering the bedroom

Wash your hands after touching the pet

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Purify the air with a regular air purification machine

Bathing to pets regularly to reduce the allergens they carry


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