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Special effects Chinese medicine weight loss recipes reveal the secret

Weight loss recipe 1:

Breakfast: one bowl of soy milk, two pieces of whole wheat bread, one egg

Chinese food: bean curd cabbage, preserved eggs mix tofu, vinegar cooking mung bean sprouts, rice half a bowl

Dinner: Stir -fried Xilu, Shrimp to boil winter melon, bamboo mix cucumber, red bean porridge a small bowl

Weight loss recipe 2:

Breakfast: a bowl of red bean rice porridge, a piece of refreshing small dish (cucumber, Horo, celery and cooking gravida peanuts), longan or jujube

Chinese food: tomatoes fried eggs, celery with fungus, stir -fried oily vegetables, rice half a bowl of rice

Dinner: spinach pork blood tofu soup, fried potato shreds, cold cabbage heart

Weight loss recipe three:

Breakfast: sauce tofu, steamed egg custard, half steamed buns

Chinese food: cold broccoli, steamed fish, green pepper winter bamboo shoots, rice half a bowl

Dinner: cold bamboo shoots, Mapo tofu, hot and sour crook slices, millet porridge a bowl

Weight loss recipe 4:

Breakfast: pumpkin wolfberry rice porridge, fried eggs, and that kind of kimchi

Chinese food: red -roasted beef, cold spinach, stir -fried kale, half a steamed bun

Dinner: Winter melon pork rib soup, carrot green peppercorns, potato shreds, cold eggplant mud

Weight loss recipe five:

Breakfast: a steamed glutinous corn, 1 poached egg, a glass of milk

Chinese food: tomato beef noodles (only half of noodles), cold kelp carrot shreds

Dinner: Bean Miaoyu Pill Soup, Stir -fried loofah, grilled sweet potato

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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