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Sperm also “inner rolls”!In order to meet the eggs, the sperm has five levels to cut six generals, which is very brave ~

Have you heard of “inner volume”? Inner rolls are a stalk that has been popular recently, and it is often used to describe vicious competition in the fields and academic fields. For example, the employee is longer than who overtime time is, because it is a state of internal consumption and it is not much meaningful, so it can be called internal rolls. Evaluation standards are single and limited resources are the main factor that leads to internal rolls.

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In real life, many young people will tease themselves “rolls” and are willing to be a “salted fish” without dreams. But do you know? When you are still a sperm, you actually have experienced a “inner volume”. Only the sperm that is successful in “volume” can be combined with eggs and eventually develops into you now.

Sperm “inner volume”: Where does the “sperm loser” die after the five levels?

An embryo develops an adult, the condition is to have fertilized eggs, and fertilized eggs require a combination of sperm and eggs. However, there are only one egg, but there are tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of sperm. Only through competition can these sperm meet the eggs to meet the eggs. In order to screen more capable sperm, the human body will set up layers of obstacles, and those sperm that cannot cross the obstacle can only be relentlessly abandoned.

So, how do “sperm losers” die?


Sperm entering the vagina may be “sour”, which is mainly because the pH plant of the vagina is about 4.0, which is acidic. Sperm entering the vagina will become jelly -shaped and can protect themselves, but if some sperm continue to go around in an acidic environment, they will lose.


In order to meet the eggs, sperm needs to go through the “Long March”. Only those sperm with strong physical fitness have the opportunity to reach the other side of success, and those weak sperm will be exhausted on the road.

Stick to death

When the sperm comes to the cervix, the viscous liquid secreted on it will become an obstacle. In the ovulation period, these mucus will become thinner, so that the sperm can pass, and those who can pass this “gate” are actually hundreds of.


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In the end, can all the clearance sperm be in love with eggs? It’s too naive. Generally, only one sperm can get the “favors” of the eggs. This lucky sperm tail swimming force will increase and can penetrate the barrier of the egg faster. Once the eggs are combined with sperm, other sperm can only “look at the ocean”. However, there are also miracles. If women secrete two eggs, the remaining sperm still has a chance, maybe a pair of heterolar twins.

It can be seen from the above that sperm enters the women’s body and requires five general cuts. Only sperm with strong physique has the opportunity to combine with eggs. Therefore, if a man has problems such as young sperm and sperm deformities, it is necessary to be careful. It is best to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Usually, he should quit smoking and alcohol to avoid staying up late and a light diet. The breeding barrier was defeated, so that it would not be possible to ask for a child.

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