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Sperm “face” sperm deformity is not careless!

In the routine of semen, there will be a sperm morphological examination. The examination of this sperm morphology will describe the sperm morphology. The fifth version of the WHO standard believes that as long as the normal sperm is greater than 4%, the sperm malformation rate is qualified.

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However, many patients will have such questions: During the routine semen examination, the report shows that the routine semen is about 90%, does it represent sperm deformed? What impact will it affect the child? Dr. Tian pointed out that as long as the normal form is greater than 4%, the sperm malformation rate is qualified, and it will not cause serious harm to the child. On the one hand, the deformed rate of sperm appearance is difficult to swim in the front, let alone combine with the egg; on the other hand, determining the child’s health? A factor.

Although the impact on children is not great, the malformations of sperm will directly lead to the decline in sperm quality, thereby increasing the risk of male infertility.


These three types of people are susceptible to sperm malformations!

1. Infection of the urogenital system

When the urogenital system is infected, the original nutrients in men’s semen will be reduced, which greatly increases the malformation rate of sperm, which is one of the important factors that cause sperm malformations.

2. Endocrine disorders

Insufficient hormone secretion in men’s bodies may directly affect the process of the patient’s sperm, which leads to an increase in malformation rates.

3. The living environment caused

Many science popularization documents mentioned that in the past 50 years, the number and vitality of men’s sperm have been slowly declined. This phenomenon does exist. It is due It is said that products such as pesticides, beauty and hairdressing products have gradually increased.

Deputy Chief Physicians of the Institute of Urology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University reminded that we are in such a social environment. Although there is no way to be alone, we can maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, within the controllable range, within a controllable range. Cultivate health habits and eating habits. For example, the amount of tobacco and alcohol can be controlled, and the appropriate amount of exercise and the mood of maintaining a pleasure can also be controlled.

The 4 points of the treatment of sperm malformations have to pay attention to these 4 points!

When you find sperm malformation, many men will ask, “Can this problem be cured? How can it be cured?” For this issue, Deputy Chief Physician Tian Long emphasized the following points:

1. Receive professional treatment

After examination, through the doctor to find the cause, such as sperm deformity caused by the sperm vein, then a series of drug treatment or surgical treatment can be performed on the sperm vein song.

2. Healthy enthusiasm

A healthy lifestyle such as sufficient sleep, appropriate amount of exercise, balanced diet, etc. are quietly making the body healthier.

3. Reduce contact with chemical substances

Reduce direct contact with pesticides, beauty hairdressing and other chemicals.

4. Take vitamins in an appropriate amount

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Deputy Chief Physician Tianlong suggested that before fertility, you can take some vitamins and antioxidant products, because in many cases, sperm vitality is reduced, which can cause damage through peroxide. You can pay attention to more photos in your diet. Entering some vitamin substances, such as vitamin E, carotene coenzyme Q lycopene, can protect the vitality and shape of sperm.

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