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Sperm is mature for three months

Sperm is mature for three months

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Therefore, men should prepare for pregnancy, quit smoking and restricted alcohol early, and eat regularly

Tang Zheng, a professor of urology at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

There are often patients in clinical practice: “I have clearly quit smoking this month, why is the quality of the sperm is so bad?” This is because there are other factors that affect sperm quality in addition to smoking; on the other hand The sperm began two or three months ago. At that time, smoking had affected the current sperm.

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The semen consists of sperm and semi -slurry. The semen contains prostate liquid, seminal vesic fluid, and urethral glandular fluid. The main component of the sperm pulp is water, as well as sugar, electrolytes, enzymes, vitamins and other substances. These nutrients are the material basis for ensuring sperm survival and activity.

The birthplace of sperm is the testicular of men, and its growth process is a bit complicated: in the testicular fine sperm tube, the ancestor of the sperm -primitive germ cells into sperm cells, sperm cells have become primary sperm cells after a silk division. A primary sperm cell generates 4 sperm after division. Adult men can produce tens of millions to hundreds of millions of sperm per day, and tens of millions of sperm grows in the fine sperm tubes, and their maturity time is 64-72 days. Among them, the sperm preparing to pursue the egg also needs to be closed in the epididymis for about 20 days. Here they have practiced the fertilization skills and eventually fight for the egg. Therefore, the sperm is formed and gradually matured two or three months ago. Men need to prepare for preparation in advance.

There are many factors that affect sperm quality. Men can try to protect them from the following points: 1. Keep proper physical exercise and try not to wear tight pants; 2. Go to the sauna room and steam bathroom; 3. Quit smoking, drink moderate alcohol; 4. Regular life; 5. Use less cosmetics; 6. Do not contact anesthesia, drugs, avoid taking drugs that affect sperm; 7. Relax and maintain a pleasant mood; seafood.

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