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Sperm quantity young man is easy to get sick

A latest study from Italy stated that the small number of male sperm not only affects fertility, but also increases the risk of multiple diseases.

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The new study was completed by Dr. Alberto Flynn, a professor of orrology at the University of Bresia and his research team. They combed and analyzed the relevant medical data of 5177 infertility couples. The men’s participating men are in their 30s. After receiving a comprehensive healthy evaluation such as sperm analysis, reproductive hormone and metabolic parameters collection, it is found that half of the sperm sperm is low (the number of sperm per milliliter semen is less than 15 million). Statistics show that these people are more likely to exceed or obese; the chance of suffering from hypertension and hyperlipidemia is 20%higher than other men; the risk of low levels of good cholesterol and high cholesterol levels is 20%higher than that of men of the same age; due to the cause The low testosterone level leads to the risk of decreased adrenal motifs.

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Dr. Flynn analyzed that metabolic syndrome increased the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes with low sperm number, which affected life. By improving diet, active exercise, and smoking quitting and drinking can improve their quality of life.

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