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Spermless?Death?Are you still stupid?

Speaking of male infertility, many men are panicked, and most men do not want their own infertility. Generally speaking, many male diseases can lead to male infertility, of which the most concerned of no sperm and dead essence.

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Because I do n’t know about male diseases, many men think that no spermosis is the same disease. In fact, this is not the case. Are you still stupid about dead sperm and antibody? Let’s take a look at it together.

What is no spermosis?

Anti -sperm refers to no sperm in 3000g of semen 3000g centrifugal 15 minutes. Among the male groups, the prevalence of azoospermia is about 1%. In patients with infertility patients, the prevalence of non-spermosis is about 10%-15%.

What is dead sperm?

Dead sperm refers to the low percentage of sperm in semen and high percentage of sperm. According to the Fifth Edition standard of the World Health Organization Human Semen Inspection and Treatment Experimental Experiment, the reference limit of sperm survival rate in semen is 58%.

Anti -sperm and dead essence are two different diseases. If it is simple in terms of disease definition, one of the obvious differences between sperm and dead sperm is spermatic. Theoretically, both diseases can cause male infertility. If you are unfortunately suffering from azoospermia or death, it is recommended to actively receive treatment in a timely manner.

How to treat no spermosis?

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Anti -sperm is divided into obstructive spermatozoa and non -obstruction. Generally speaking, obstruction is treated with surgical treatment to relieve obstruction. Patients with a congenital epididymis or vas The vas The tube can be treated by test tube babies. Non -obstructive azoospermia needs to be treated after the cause. For example, the azoospermia caused by the insufficient secretion of male gonad hormones can be treated with velvet fur membrane promoting gonadotropin.

How to treat dead essence?

There are many causes of death, and treatment is needed. For example, antibiotics caused by bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. Chronic non -bacterial accessory adenitis can be treated with non -hormonal anti -inflammatory drugs. For patients with desertenic veins, surgical treatment can be taken.

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