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“Sports anti -cancer” is a real hammer!Studies have confirmed: Exercise inhibit the growth of cancer cells, which kind of exercise is good



This is a very hot period in the near future, but it is also right. Many studies have proved that exercise can enhance immunity, but no one can do it.In fact, exercise has many benefits besides strengthening immunity.

American scientist David Niman has discovered in the study of more than thirty years ago that exercise can stimulate the strong anti -inflammatory response in the human body, and this is part of the process of self -healing.

He also said that long -term strenuous movements will cause the body to overload and damage the immune force, but regular and moderate exercise helps to resist many chronic diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, various tumors and various tumors andMild inflammation response of depression).

In 2020, Harvard University and the NIH team passed a large -scale study of 750,000 people that exercising 1 hour a day can effectively reduce the risk of 7 cancers.

In September 2021, a research on the relationship between exercise and cancer was also published in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise”.

Researchers invited 10 patients with prostate cancer for 12 weeks of exercise intervention, and patients accumulated about 300 minutes per week.

After data comparison, it is found that the anti -cancer effect of patients with muscle cytokine after exercise is awakened. This ability can significantly reduce the growth of cancer cells. Through long -term exercise, it can create an environment in which the body inhibits cancer.

In February 2022, the release of epidemiological evidence of the National Cancer Research Institute and the World Cancer Research Foundation also showed that regular sports activities that conduct reasonable levels can reduce the relative risk of colon cancer by 12%to 28%.[2]

After the diagnosis of colon cancer, the appropriate amount of sports can reduce the risk of cancer -specific mortality and the risk of recurrence.

It can be seen that exercise fights for cancer.

But the question is, what exercise should we do to be effective?

In November 2022, a new study of the “Cancer Research” magazine found that high -intensity aerobic exercise can increase the glucose consumption of internal organs, thereby reducing the energy supply of tumors and reducing the risk of cancer metastasis.

The surveillance results of the nearly 20 -year monitoring of nearly 3,000 healthy volunteers show that compared with those who do not participate in physical exercise, people who often perform high -intensity aerobic exercise are 72%lower than the probability of cancer metastasis.[1]

Therefore, in normal times, we can do more of this kind of movement. The following uncle sieved several of the most cost -effective high -strength aerobic exercises, and everyone can collect it.

As for how long exercise is appropriate?

my country’s “National Fitness Guide” recommends that exercise for 30 to 60 minutes per day, 3 to 7 days a week, and you can arrange according to your own conditions.

Don’t forget that cancer itself is a probability problem.

The occurrence of cancer is not caused by a single factor, but the result of the common effect of various factors, including genetic genes, eating habits, and living environment.In other words, do not think that it can prevent cancer alone by exercise. If you want to reduce the probability of cancer, you also need to prevent it from multiple aspects.

In addition, if you do n’t know enough about exercise, it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding. Not only does it not be effective, but it will also cause exercise damage.

One -time high -intensity and large -scale exercise will make it difficult for the body to adapt, which will cause soreness, and can also cause tendon, muscle strain, and even sudden death.

Many people don’t like boring mechanical exercises, they only like to run or aerobic exercises.However, it should be noted that exercise should be balanced and diverse. Only one way of exercise should be selected, and the body cannot be balanced.

The three of them should be aerobic, strength, and stretching during exercise. For example, stretch it first, then run for 10 minutes, then perform the instrument exercise for half an hour, and finally stretch.

Some people think that fasting exercise can consume oxygen at high speed and achieve the purpose of high -speed fat burning.However, the blood sugar is low during an empty stomach, and it is prone to symptoms such as dizziness and weakness during exercise.

Moreover, the muscle consumption speed is faster than the fat consumption during an empty stomach. For a long time, it will also lead to the rapid decline in the muscle content of the human body, thereby reducing the speed of the body’s basic metabolism, but it is easier to rebound.

If you want to stay away from yourself, insisting on exercise is a good way, but you have to find the right exercise and scientific movement.The movement that rose for a while is difficult to persist, and it cannot achieve the purpose of improving physical fitness, let alone reduce the incidence of disease.

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