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“Sports+massage” to create a popular beautiful legs in Korea

The most hot popular groups in South Korea are girls’ days, After School, 4minute, MISSA, etc., they can occupy the first place in major websites, or often share their photos to SNS.The biggest secret of these actresses to capture men and women’s hearts is their perfect figure, especially the impeccable beautiful legs!So, what is the secret of their beautiful legs?Xiaobian will reveal it for you:

Beautiful legs-NANA, Hyuna, Xu Jiayun, Lizzy

Beauty Tip 1. Stretching exercise

Relax muscle by stretching exercise to relieve leg muscle fatigue.Doing stretching exercises can help create a thigh curve. If you insist on exercise, you can create a beautiful leg like a female group.

First move

Step 1. Straighten your legs, sit straight, and fit the heel.

Step 2. At the same time, the upper body slowly bent forward, and your hands are stretched forward.

STEP 3. Keep a minute of action, take a deep breath, and slowly put your hands up.Do it 4 to 6 times the action, the effect will be better.

Second move

STEP 1. Lie on your legs and knees upwards, helping to eliminate puffy legs.

Step2. Lift your knees above your heart, clasped your fingers tightly, and keep your movements for 1 to 2 minutes to relieve the leg muscles.Secondly, the legs repeatedly practice stretching exercise.

In addition, you can lift your legs on the wall before going to bed and keep it for 10-15 minutes to effectively eliminate the edema of the leg.

Beauty tip 2. Massage

If it is difficult to exercise, you can also relieve the thick legs of the legs by massage.

First move

Step 1. Gently fists with both hands and press the calf for 3 to 4 seconds with his fists to relieve the leg muscles.

STEP 2. Massage the calf with both hands to the ankle to relieve muscle tension.

Second move

STEP 1. After the knee bone straighten, sit straight and lift your legs gently.

STEP 2. Massage thighs to the knees to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

It looks simple, isn’t it, you are insisting!As long as you persist every day, I believe you can also have a beautiful leg leg!

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