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Spring dermatitis high incidence to prevent spring dermatitis and keep in mind these 4 points

In spring, many people will have symptoms such as erythema, pimples, itching, drying, peeling, etc., which not only affects the “face”, but also seriously affects life and work. It is annoying.

In the spring dermatitis, multiple medicines are used to get misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: Do not stick to the course of medication

Many patients rub the ointment because of the itching of the skin, and stop the medicine without itching. This approach is very unscientific. Taking the athletes that are easy to attack in spring as an example, an external medicine takes at least 4 weeks. This is because after killing the fungi, there will be some fungal residues. The new skin tissue requires at least 4 weeks. If the fungus is killed, it is easy to parasitize the new skin tissue, resulting in recurrence. If it is a more complicated, like an old athlete of horny hyperplasia, the treatment time should be lengthened, and some oral medication should be applied if necessary.

Misunderstanding 2: abuse of hormone ointment

When many people have allergic dermatitis, they like to buy ointment by themselves. Most of these external ointments contain corticosteroids. If long -term use, hormone -dependent dermatitis will be formed, which is manifested as quickly in the short term after medication. Long -term use of drug dependence, the skin becomes rough, atrophied, the rash is more severe, and the treatment is more difficult and more difficult. It is worth reminding that people who have long -term cortex ointment should gradually reduce the amount of medication and slowly stop the medicine if they want to stop the medicine.

Misunderstanding 3: Adult ointment for children

Some parents are very useful after applying the ointment by themselves. Seeing similar skin allergies on their children, they use their ointment to the child. In fact, the skin of infants and children is thin and tender, easy to absorb drugs, and has higher sensitivity to hormones than adults. Therefore, babies and children should reduce the amount of drugs, and only use low -efficiency or ointment without fluorine hormones.

Preventing dermatitis in spring needs to be kept in mind these 4 points

1. Stay away from optics

Try to avoid or reduce contact with optics. The spring light is good. Whether it is a photoretical constitution, eat less light -sensitive food at this time, so as not to cause unnecessary light -sensitivity reactions. Of course, those who have already occurred in photosensitive dermatitis need to stop eating immediately.

People with a history of light allergy reactions, when taking drugs, should especially use photosensitive drugs, and take the initiative to tell the doctor when seeing a doctor. Try not to use such drugs. The medicine is discontinued immediately after the rash, and if necessary, seek the help of a dermatologist as soon as possible.

2. Sunscreen

This is the most direct and most necessary countermeasure after eating or exposed to light -sensitive substances. All kinds of sunscreen “weapons” are used.

3. Do not scald with hot water and clean

When suffering from itching or dry pain in the skin of the spring dermatitis, do not wash it with hot water. It should not be cleaned with large alkaline soap to avoid stimulating the skin and aggravating the condition. After the diseased rash disappears, temporary pigmentation may occur, but it will soon fade, so don’t worry too much.

4. Reminder not to apply external ointment at will

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If you are not taking photosensitive drugs, during the period of use and within 5 days after the drug, you must avoid contact with the sun or ultraviolet radiation.

The doctor suggested that those with severe condition (such as itching and unbearable) must go to the hospital for regular treatment in time. The doctor will give corresponding treatment according to the severe condition. Do not go to the pharmacy to buy ointment.

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