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Spring fishing avoid high -voltage electrical injury!Learn the on -site first -aid to be prepared

Spring is a good season for outdoor leisure and entertainment. Field fishing is undoubtedly one of the popular “programs”. But when you enjoy this great spring light, you must pay attention to your own safety. In recent years, the electric shock of high -voltage wire fishing has happened. Today, let’s take a look at how to avoid high -voltage electrical injuries for fishing?

Notice! Fishing needs to avoid high -voltage electrical injuries

1. Fishing away from high -voltage wires. It is recommended that the majority of fishing enthusiasts fishing at a distance of 20 meters away from the high pressure line to ensure safety.

2. In a few laps, you can choose plastic and color considering beautiful appearance, which can effectively prevent electric shock.

3. Do not hold the fishing rods under the high -voltage wire during fishing.

4. Do not continue to fish if you encounter thunderstorms during fishing. At this time, you can call the mines to cause the thunder to cause casualties in the wilderness to hold the fishing rod or avoid rain under the big tree.

5. Although there are high -voltage lines near each fish pond, almost every fish pond has 380V wires to power the fry oxygen. When choosing a fishing spot, you must also stay away from these motor water pumps and other discharge equipment and oxygen -adding equipment to prevent the electrical wire leakage of the electrical wires damaged by the insulation layer. Although the voltage of these devices is much lower than the high -voltage line, it is also dangerous. If it is not touched, it will stop the cardiac arrest. If you do not do cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 4 minutes, you will have a worry about life.

Meet the on -site first aid such as a high -pressure electrical injury

1. First of all, the rescuer should carefully observe the surrounding environment before rescue, avoid danger, and save people on the premise of ensuring their own safety.

2. When touching the high -voltage electricity, the wounded is often rejected by the powerful electric field and automatically separated from the power supply, but there are also injured people who are still in contact with the high -voltage line at this moment. Rescuers should first separate the wounded from the wires with insulars such as dry wood, bamboo poles, flat loads, rubber products, plastic products, etc. Do not push the wounded directly to ensure their own safety to prevent electric shock.

3. If the high -voltage electric shock causes the wounded to fire, it should immediately help him extinguish the fire.

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4. When the electric shock is often unclear after leaving the power supply, it should immediately release the neckline and belt that affects its breathing, so that it is supper to lying, and the head is leaning backwards. Keep the respiratory tract open.

5. If you discover breathing and heartbeat, you should immediately perform an artificial respiration and heart compressor of the chest, and persistently do it. At the same time, try to contact the nearby hospitals at the same time to seek first aid.

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