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Spring nourishing liver should eat pork liver spinach soup

Spring is the season of everything, and the liver is wood in the five elements, which just echoes spring. Therefore, spring is a great time to nourish the liver. For patients with liver disease, medication is not as good as diet, because a large number of drugs are taken to worsen the snow, which makes it decreased to detoxify the detoxification function. The proper consumption of some foods nourishing liver not only has no side effects, but also can adopt disease and strengthen the body.

Raising liver should eat green food

Food has the “four qi” of cold, heat, warmth, and cold, and liver disease is also divided into cold, heat, and reality. According to the principle of “the cold is hot, the cold is hot, it is actually diarrhea, and the virtual supplement is supplemented”, mostly acute hepatitis caused by damp heat should eat some cold foods, while chronic hepatitis should eat more temperature and cold food. Essence

Among these foods, green vegetables are the most liver. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the “cyan into the liver meridian” can benefit liver qi circulation and soothe liver stagnation. In addition, cyan foods also have the effect of nourishing blood, which is also very suitable for those with anemia.

Spring liver nourishing the first spinach

There are many green vegetables, such as coriander, celery, cucumber, spinach, loofah, etc. But when it comes to nourishing the liver in spring, the most classic food is spinach. This is not only because spinach is a seasonal vegetable in spring, but also in spinach has a very rich protein and vitamins, but also has certain therapeutic effects on hypertension, dizziness, anemia, etc. due to insufficient liver yin.

However, it should be noted that there are more oxalic acid in spinach. In order to better absorb its nutrition, it is advisable to simmer with boiling water before frying.

Pork liver spinach soup nourish the liver

In spring, it should be nourished. Patients with liver disease are not hot, but they can choose some warm foods, such as Artemisia annua, celery, and pork liver. Here, pork liver spinach soup is recommended as a dish for spring liver.

Materials: 20 grams of pork liver, 50 grams of spinach, a moderate amount of coriander powder

Method: Wash and slice the pork liver, mix with gornem, salt, and monosodium glutamate; wash and cut into the water; pour the water in the pot, add the pork liver after boiling; Essence

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