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Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

Miss Li, 36, usually works very busy and often stays up late. She goes to bed at almost 1 or 2 in the morning every day. In the past year, her menstruation has become increasingly irregular, and the amount of menstrual blood has become less and less, and the interval period has also been extended to two months.

Recently, she found that she had not had menstruation for almost 3 months, and she often had symptoms such as hotness, insomnia, and joint pain, so she went to the hospital for examination.

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After arriving at the hospital, the doctor arranged for Miss Li to draw blood to check the endocrine hormone and did B -ultrasound. The test results show that Miss Li’s follicle stimulus (FSH) is as high as 50, and ovarian functional hormones (AMH) are only 0.025, indicating that the ovarian function is low.

The doctor combined with Miss Li’s symptoms, the doctor’s diagnosis result was premature ovarian failure. The doctor said that Miss Li’s ovarian function is equivalent to people who are about to be menopause. They may stop menopause in the future and cannot even get pregnant.

Miss Li was startled. Why did she enter menopause at a young age? What is the premature ovarian failure?

Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

1. The aging of a woman usually starts from the ovaries

The ovarian is the important glands of women and is mainly responsible for endocrine and reproductive functions. Under normal circumstances, when women are 8-11 years old, with the advent of the first menstruation, the ovaries begin to secrete estrogen to promote the development of women’s second sexual characteristics, and the body gradually becomes “feminine”;

By the age of 18, ovarian function is gradually developing, periodic menstruation and ovulation will become regular. At the age of 20-30, ovarian function enters a strong period, and it is also the best age for fertility;

After the age of 30, ovarian function will begin to go downhill. After 35 years of age, a cliff-like decline will be shown, and the aging speed will be accelerated. From the age of 45-50, the ovarian function will begin to decline naturally, the ovaries will gradually shrink and stop and stop Ovulation; at the age of 60, ovarian function will be fully exhausted.

Premature ovarian failure means that women’s ovarian functional failure generally refers to the phenomenon of incomplete ovarian function and decreased ovarian reserve function before the age of 40.

The common manifestations of premature ovarian failure are as follows:

1. Irregular menstruation

Patients with premature ovarian failure will cause menstrual cycle disorders (early or delayed menstruation), decreased menstrual flow, and even amenorrhea in advance.

2. Urinary and reproductive system problems

Premature ovarian failure can cause the ovaries to be unable to secrete sufficient estrogen. When the estrogen level in women decreases, pubic hair and axillary hair will fall off, vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, and repeated urinary tract infections and gynecological inflammation.

Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

3. Infertility

Premature ovarian failure can lead to a decrease in ovarian reserve function, decreased eggs, poor quality, ovarian cannot discharge the eggs normally, and then seriously affect fertility. Patients will be difficult to get pregnant, and even repeated embryos (abortion).

4. Menopausal symptoms

Patients with premature ovarian failure will have menopausal symptoms in advance, including sleep problems (insomnia, sweating at night), changes in emotion and cognitive function (irritability, anxiety and depression, unconfident) Bone pain and fractures), arrhythmia, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Immune system disorder

Many patients with premature ovarian failure will also be accompanied by some autoimmune diseases, such as thyroid diseases, diabetes, and systemic lupus erythematosus.

2. These signals also indicate that women have entered the aging period

After a woman starts to aging, there will be some changes in the whole body. The most obvious aging symbols are the following:

1. Face change

For women, face -to -face is the most obvious symptoms of aging. If the skin begins to become dry, without elasticity, relaxation, the skin tone is darker, and the wrinkles and color spots on the face are significantly increased. These are signs of aging.

2. Change

After entering middle age, the body’s aging will slow down the metabolism speed, the body is easy to gain weight and edema, fat is easy to accumulate on the waist, abdomen, and hips, causing the waist to become thicker, the buttocks sag, and it is not as easy as before.

Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

3. Psychological change

In addition to physiological changes, psychological levels are also aging. The most obvious manifestation is that you are not interested in new things. Learning and cognitive skills are beginning to degenerate. For example, do not want to learn knowledge or skills, and feel that the newly launched technology products are difficult and troublesome to use, and do not want to change the original preferences and hobbies.

Third, if you want to delay aging, please pay attention to these 4 points

Although the aging is irreversible, we can delay the speed of aging, make ourselves slower, and look less old. You can start from the following aspects.


In terms of overall diet, you must ensure that nutritional balance, vegetarian and vegetarian matching, and try to taste light as possible. Avoid high salt, high sugar, high oil, and do not overeating. Eat more natural foods and eat less processing food.

You can try the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet. These diet plans are rich in foods with antioxidant and anti -inflammatory effects, which can help fight free radicals, reduce inflammatory response, and delay aging.

You can usually eat more dark foods because they usually contain a large amount of antioxidant ingredients such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, such as western blue flowers, tomatoes, black beans, etc. In addition, you can also eat some nuts such as almonds and walnuts appropriately. Among them, trace elements such as selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, etc. can help antioxidant.

Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time


When people sleep, the secretion of body hormones will increase, which will help improve immunity. And when the body is resting, the skin will be repaired. If you stay up late, it will cause the body’s endocrine disorders, and it will also make the skin unable to repair it normally. The skin’s moisture will accelerate and lose. The skin will naturally become dry and rough, and there will be fine lines and bags under the eyes. Therefore, you must pay attention to the rules of schedule, stay up late, and ensure that you sleep for 7-8 hours.


A number of studies have shown that stress will accelerate aging diseases that affect metabolism and make us prematurely aging. But we can ease this situation through emotional regulation and self -control. When the pressure is too large, you can try the following methods to relieve stress.

① Move: exercise is a good way to relieve stress. During exercise, the body secrete endorphin and dopamine, which can enhance happiness and make you feel good.

Exercise can also focus your attention on your body, thereby improving emotions and dissipating troubles. You can choose any activities such as walking, jogging, gardening, cleaning room, etc.

② Contact others: When you feel stressful and troublesome, don’t be separated by yourself. At this time, you should communicate with your family and friends and establish social relations. Social networking can disperse your attention, provide you with support, and share your anxiety.

Therefore, at this time you can go to a cup of coffee with your friends, call your family, or make volunteers, and so on.

③ Listening to music: Listening to music can disperse attention, relieve muscle progress, and reduce stress hormones. If you don’t like music, you can also change your hobbies, such as sketching, gardening, sewing, etc. Any things you need to focus on.


Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

Studies have found that adherence to regular movements can help fighting aging. It is recommended to exercise at least once a day, more than 30 minutes of exercise time, more than 5 days per week, and exercise intensity should be at medium intensity, that is, the maximum heart rate during exercise should not exceed 170-it is recommended for jogging, mountain climbing, riding, riding Line, swimming, etc.

Try not to sit for a long time and seize the opportunity to exercise at any time. For example, when brushing your teeth in the morning, you can stomach to your toes or squats to exercise the muscles of your legs; when you are sitting, you can throw your arms from time to time and stretch your lower shoulder joints;

When you wait for the car, you can do the heel lifting movement, that is, the feet are separated from the shoulders and the shoulders, and the heels are repeatedly lifted and falling. When watching TV at home, you can take the full mineral water bottle as the movement of the arm, or practice deeply. squat.

Although aging is a normal physiological phenomenon, if you can take anti -aging measures in advance, maintain your body, maintain a positive attitude and stable emotions, you can delay the speed of aging and maintain youth and beauty.

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Starting aging, the body will show your feet!This article provides 4 best prescriptions to help you keep your time

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